i was having such a good day...

and then some guy in dallas comes down with a scorching case of ebola.  fannnntastic.  


real life.

there are so many cliche little pleasantries i could use to kick off this comeback entry.  let's just get right to the meat of it:

i had a baby.
matt got fired.
indiana was in and out of the hospital.
and in and out of the hospital.
we sold our house.
we bought a house.
in houston.
and now i think fox has west nile virus.  which means that in real life he probably has a cold.  but if i tell myself it's west nile it won't be west nile, so humor me.

2013 has put hair on my chest, and the post-baby hormones are making it fall out just as quickly as it came.  it's been a wild ride, and i feel like i'm jinxing myself by assuming this ride is over.  i'm sure it's not.  maybe we've just thrown this mini van permanently into seventh gear, in which case i'll have to get comfortable with living on the edge of crazy.  but i honestly cannot believe the blessings that have come of all this heap of mess.  each one of those little events up there has a three-day long story behind it with exhausting twists and turns, and they all piled together to make such a fat, intricate plan that i can't deny that it was all for the best. when god closed a door, he threw open half a dozen bay windows for us.  i'm  so humbled and grateful.

and juniper!  this baby girl, you guys.  the good lord knew i needed her in my life right now.  pure, unadulterated sunshine.  we're best friends.



their take on the matter.

i thought it'd be a good idea to record for posterity how F & I felt about a few baby-related matters. ready or not, nobody in this household is walking away from february 2013 without getting his or her world turned upside down (are we not at all slightly concerned about the big sister?) (and try to look past all the boogers and drippage):



españa with the burtons.

so in october matt and i went to spain.  by ourselves.  we dubbed it an anniversary trip.  i think we've officially stopped celebrating our anniversary on our actual anniversary.  fate can smell it coming, and over the last few years april 23rd has usually been crashed by business trips, pediatric ER visits and miscarriages.  you know, super fun adult stuff.  so this trip was planned about as last minute as we can cut it these days, and i'm happy to report that the guerrilla warfare style ambush vacation actually worked, a million thanks to willing(ish) grandparents.  great success!  

traveler's tip: i'm not sure i'd go back to spain whilst gestating; it's a culinary minefield for the expectant.  cured meats, unpasteurized cheeses, raw fish... my heart said yes but my fetus and my hypochondriacal tendencies said lay off, sister.


vimeo and i have been in a fight...

but tonight she decided to call a truce and finally let me upload.  and when i say finally, i mean that this footage is over a year old (and almost too shaky for me to want to even post it up).  but in an effort to change my ways and actually finish something i start, here it is.  if you're not a skeen or a burton, this video will likely put you to sleep.  and 'utah in november part two' is scheduled to wrap production in 2017.


we be trippin'.

we've officially been forced  entered into the "roadtrip era" of our family's history, thanks to our two ticketed-passenger, non-lap children.  so we've purchased an appropriate family-sized vehicle and plan on making many memories therein.  this past weekend we tried our hand at the national park thing with the kids, and it was wildly successful once we arrived safely at our destination (unsolicited advice for the readers:  1) donner pass?  that place is serious business in a storm and should be avoided at all costs.  there's a reason those poor pioneer souls got stuck.  2) yosemite national park is sort of magical during heavy blizzard and is best enjoyed from the comfort of a cabin and a cozy fireplace, not a crossover SUV in the middle of the night).  we spent the weekend with our friends, the collets.  it was bueno and worthy of a future repeat...

elcap elcapburtonfam yosemite fampiyosemite mattandindieyosemite ayla aampi aylaandboys fampp yosemitelowerfalls brianandheidi erinelcap mattelcap up






she calls it counting "carmoles."  every time she gets in nice and close for a snug, she starts grooming me like she's a mother ape looking for chiggers.  she has to touch every single mole on my face, neck and chest before she's satisfied.  last night, while scavenging for more carmoles, she attempted one of these


and got distracted by my chest and started tickling the baby's feet (aka my northern-most lady bits).  that's where i had to break up the party.


lion's mane.

iron & wine reminds me of winter in new york.  when we moved into 1667 york ave apt 3N in december of '08, the previous tenants left behind a burned copy of iron & wine's "creek drank the cradle."  we popped it in as we unpacked our lives into 800 square feet and put our 10 month old fox to bed every night in his bedroom with the brick wall.  it became the soundtrack to falling in love with my new life and new city and new friends.  i was seriously happy, and listening to that CD makes me feel like home (so thanks for leaving that behind, caitlin... do you need that CD back, BTW?).

this morning while chasing nekkid children and sort of feeling like a sorry sack, pandora spat out some iron & wine.  i'd forgotten about and how much i love those songs and how much i miss feeling like "home."  when will i stop talking about transition and dogs dying and blah blah blah?  when will i just settle the heck down and make this feel like home?  it's coming, i think; but for now iron & wine will help.  

and if it doesn't help, i have potty training to distract me.  girls are not easier.  you are all liars.

does anyone blog anymore?  did we all move to twitter?  did i miss the memo?  somebody better tell me, cos i still really like that gotye song, so it's obvious i'm totally clueless as to when something's been ridden till the wheels fell off.

things of note:


happy halloween, love the ninja from target and a cross between hello kitty and olivia (and i am once again recommitting to using my big camera more often)


as crafty as i got this year

and these are happening right now at my local kmart.  this picture may leave you confused and uneasy, so i'll break it down for you: acid-washed, destroyed, button-fly pajama pants with a drawstring.  the more i look at them the more i want to pull the trigger.  friends, i need fashion courage.



if you have never met my children and have no idea what each is like, this very aptly sums F&I up, respectively:

me: fox, what do you want to be when you grow up?
fox: i want to be a mechanical engineer!
me: indiana, what do you want to be when you grow up?
indiana:  i want to be a tiger!!

we'll have another little mechanical engineer or tiger running around here in february.  we hope she likes legos and equatorial jungle animals.



happy saturday!

did i say we had drama in the 'hood?  wow, let's take that up a notch or five.

this morning i woke up to a gunshot.  i'm truly not trying to be coy or sensational, but to spare you the gory details, a neighbor decided to take the law into his own hands and protect himself against another neighbor's pitbull.  it did not end well for the dog.  and it ended right in my backyard.

this wasn't even the drama i was alluding to in my last post.  not even close.  i'll take mean juvie hoodrats, underaged drinking and illicit drug use, street fires, debauchery and general disrespect any day over bloodshed.

but i typed that last paragraph this morning; just now i called the elko pd because the juvie turds just hucked something at my house.  this mommy blog just turned into a police blotter.  so gross.  it would be so great if i were making up this stuff because i'm bored.  

please bless that tomorrow i won't see any guns or blood or mean teenagers.  amen.