best weekend ever

truly, it was. friday night was wicked, literally. matt, matt's co-workers scott crandall and eric weiner, and i went to the play "wicked" here in the big d. it is officially my new favorite musical. i LOVED it... the music was incredible and the story line was genius. for those of you in the dark, "wicked" is the untold story of elphaba, the wicked witch of the west in the "wizard of oz," and how she came to be 'wicked.' the story is so seamlessly intertwined with the wizard of oz and completely entertaining. you all must see it.

"wicked" alone would have made for a stellar weekend, but my dear, dear friend lindsay k. gleason southwick came to town to play with me. i love this girl. we sunned, shopped, ate, scrabbled, bonded, and girl powered with gwen stefani. gwen's concert was on saturday night and was one of the best concerts i've ever attended. lindsay and i both ageed that gwen is our new favorite person; she's such a great performer and entertainer, and she seems like a genuinely nice person. right after the concert ended, gwen took a second to sign autographs to the lucky fans on the front row. what a rock star. gwen, if you're reading this, can i be you?

sigh, all good things must come to a tearful and disappointing end, and i sent my little linds back to utah this evening. linds, i love you very much. i am so grateful and lucky to have such awesome friends. it means so much to me when y'all come here to texas to visit or even just keep in touch with me. i love you guys, and i don't know what i'd do without y'all. big, BIG skeener-burton love.

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kate said...

What fun! I will have to go see 'Wicked' if it and I are ever in the same town! Glad to hear it was so good. And what a cute little Gunther you have. He looks like wonderful company.

old me.