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my dad is fifty. this is how we celebrated.

if you don't know clark, here are but a few reasons why you should...

clark p. skeen:

1. is humble.
2. mows the lawn in a button down and dockers.
3. rides motorcycles.
4. loves sashimi.
5. is fair and just.
6. buys my mom chocolates from idle isle after he's been on a long motorcycle ride.
7. hides donuts in the garage.
8. taught me how to make rice and celery soup with hot dogs (yes, that is one dish).
9. has four daughters.
10. (poor guy.)
11. readily gives compliments.
12. loves to roadtrip.
13. is an excellent roadtrip companion.
14. is the only person i know who buys hostess pies.
15. easily makes friends.
16. has a nubbin tongue.
17. sneaks up and scares trouble-making punk kids roaming around the neighborhood at night.
18. is a peacemaker.
19. hates my youngest sister's boyfriends.
20. respects the president of the united states, no matter who it is.
21. loves the alien movie series.
22. teases anybody, and sometimes the recipient of the teasing doesn't realize he or she is being teased, which makes it funnier.
23. once caught my sister's vomit in his hands.
24. takes us to visit war veterans on memorial day.
25. likes real butter on his popcorn.
26. was raised on a farm.
27. can beat his daughters at handstand contests.
28. plays a mean game of hearts.
29. is generous.
30. respects his daughters' decisions, even when he might not agree with them.
31. is a worthy priesthood holder.
32. takes me along on his global travels.
33. talks politics with me and respects my opinion.
34. taught me how to not throw a softball like a girl.
35. is excellent at driveway lightning.
36. is a good public speaker.
37. gets really excited about staying in tiny, dumpy roadside motels and even more excited when he can talk the rate down.
38. works out in our unfinished basement every morning.
39. loves johnny cash.
40. wants his daughters to be well educated.
41. has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh.
42. quotes john wayne movies.
43. loves to drive modest cars.
44. has great integrity and gets mad at me for downloading illegal mp3s.
45. used to race dirt bikes.
46. is handsome.
47. will come to visit me no matter where i live.
48. doesn't understand the utah "ask-somebody-to-a-dance" weird tradition of leaving something cryptic on the doorstep, ringing the doorbell and running, so he usually chases after the poor dumb boy asking one of his daughters to a dance.
49. loves taking his family to baseball games and chowing on ballpark hotdogs and cracker jacks.
50. is one of my best friends.

love ya dad. you don't look a day over 49.


Lori said...

happy birthday clark! i never got to know your dad, erin, but he sounds like an awesome man. so lucky you have such a great dad!

Starley Family said...

That was really great Erin. It seems you follow after your Dad. What an awesome family!

Savanna said...

erin, that's funny that you mention your dad scaring punk kids in the middle of the night because i heard him tell that story of scaring away toilet-paperers just last week. he's a good man.

Chelsi Lasater said...

Oh, Clark. I've only met him a handful of times, but how can you not just love him immediately?

hilary said...

you put my post to shame. but love the list, describes him to a T. except the one about handstand contests... don't recall that ever happening.

Scott & Lindsay said...

i'm a fan of that clark skeen. and even moreso now after this fabulous list. he's even more rad than i thought. wasn't his bday a month or so ago? i thought we were bday buddies for some reason.

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

My daddio turned 50 this year too! Good ol' dad's. You's is pretty rad.

old me.