olympic discourse.

  • aren't the olympics wonderful?  chock-full of good will, comradery and patriotism.  i think this might be the one time the man upstairs smiles down on us and realizes that we all can get along for a second.  i get so emotional when the small, economically-challenged countries proudly march in the opening ceremonies... i wonder if those athletes ever imagined they'd see china someday.  i love you togo!  you go girl!

  • matt is a man obsessed.  for the past couple of nights when i've awoken in the wee hours to tend to master fox, the television has been on (tuned into the olympics, naturally), muted, and not a soul watching it.  why, i asked matt, do you leave it on all night if you're sound asleep in bed?  hoping to get some type of osmotic, telepathic coverage?  he explained, if he wakes up and wanders out to the couch in the middle of the night (a likely story), he hopes to find something interesting... because turning on the television is just too much work, right dear?  ah, bless your heart, love.

  • michael phelps.

  • there are certain events that i absolutely dread watching but watch anyway, i.e. gymnastics.  i have some sort of social anxiety about watching people biff it.  my palms sweat, heart races, adrenaline pumps through my veins -- complete physiological strife. this, among a few other reasons, is why i cannot watch many reality television shows: american idol, dancing with the stars, so you think you can dance, whatever... i get sick when people screw up in front of the world, and providence knows i don't need anymore anxiety in my life.  i even get embarrassed for actors when they give an exceptionally cheesy performance.  anyone ever see that mormon-culture film "out of step?"  i hope the actors don't stumble across this posting (how're those for famous last words?), but i had to bury my face in my hands for nearly the entire show because i couldn't watch the poor wretches crash and burn right in front of my eyes.  but i digress.  that said, i watched the women's gymnastics team competition the other night, and my digestive system is still recovering.

  • i might need this:

  • anyone who kept up with me while i was in hong kong should know i'm not a huge fan of china... they kinda burned me with their toxic pollution all beatin' down on my unborn fetus and me, then making me jump through hoops to bear fruit under their jurisdiction.  but seriously china... what's this (kinda sketch)? and this (just sad)? oh wait, did i just hear the sound of a can of worms being opened??  too bad my son doesn't sleep anymore -- i don't even have the energy.


Amy said...

I feel your pain. I had to go upstairs during the final floor routine last night. I was about to have an anxiety attack. I watched the replay once I knew she didn't blow it.
Here's to world wide BFFs. At least for a couple of weeks.

Lori said...

oh how i love the olympics. and i love that we all sit on the couch with our ice cream until the wee hours of the morning watching everyone else be athletic. :)

i didn't hear about the lipsynching... that is sad... oh, sad censored china.

hilary said...

oh the olympics are wonderful! it makes me want to be really good at something, or everything. that's hilarious about matt! i dig the shirt, too. and i did hear about both the under age and lipsynching. i actually called it on the underage issue myself, they all look like they're about 10. even in all of their tricks they do, they just act and move so prematurely. and it seriously makes me feel bad for the cute little girl who wasn't cute enough?!!! she is darling. what is wrong with them?

Mardi and Jeremey said...

I agree with you on so many levels. The Chinese gymnasts are cheats. Those girls are not of age. Plus, they were totally favored by the refs in the scores. Jer is watching the Olympics into the wee hours. Go Michael Phelps. AND to top everything off (like I need something else keeping me up at night), Beckham is also not sleeping very well anymore. What do you think...appetite change?

kate said...

my fave moment so far was beating the frenchies in the swimming relay. sweetness! what will we do at 1 am when the olympics are over?!

Jessica said...

i was so upset about the little girl switch in the opening ceremony too. i feel so sorry for the the girl that was really singing! - and i feel so sorry for her parents too! that is so wrong!!!!

Scott & Lindsay said...

i'm like you in the way that i get nervous that others are going to make arses of themselves. but i'm not as nice as you in that it doesn't stop me from watching. and i'll admit, sometimes rewinding and watching it again. even though it hurts me inside. me likes that shirt ... where did you find it? i might need it too.

Lori said...



old me.