you-tubular: god bless texas.

the big, dirty d. love it. i'm contemplating celebrating our return with some deep-fried coke at big tex.


hilary said...

yay!! i'm glad you are back in the dirty d too, because that means you are back in the u. s. of a.! the arizona state fair is going on here, too. and i was just talking about deep fried coke with a client the other day... i'd never heard of it. til now that is.

oh and i loved the you tube video. good music.

Abbie said...

i'm so excited to have you back. we need to play a bunch before you leave AGAIN!

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

Im glad you guys are back in the US. As for the whole deep-fried coke thing..sounds good. I wish we had cool eats like that. Have fun in that big dirty D.

old me.