to the dog owners of new york city:

i am now numbered among you, so i feel like i can say this with a bit of credibility:


when we first got here, this didn't seem to be a problem.  i don't know what has caused the recent onslaught of feces-pocked sidewalks, but it seems to me to be correlated with snow and ice accumulation.  well, guess what folks... we broke 40 degrees yesterday, and things are starting to melt around these parts.  do you think the turd magically evaporates with the snow and ice?  hint: rhymes with no.  and don't kid yourself -- you are not going to come back and pick it up later.  you think it's nasty now, well it's not going to freshen up after marinating there on a wet sidewalk for a day or two.  then try navigating a stroller through that veritable BM minefield.

if i catch anyone doing a dump and run, i may be forced to capture the crime on video and lovingly upload you to youtube.  you've been warned.

please and thank you.

and while we're on the subject, this this weekend's SNL clip on pampers had me rolling.  anybody?  anybody?


Mommydew said...

Oh, oh my sides hurt! That clip was hilarious! I'm totally hungry now.

dani said...

sometimes i am grateful for snl. good one, and gross.

The Jackson Three said...

Agreed about the poop on the sidewalks....it gets a little ridiculous. And I have to look away when I see someone digging in a garbage can because I'm always afraid they'll pull out a bag with poop in it.

The pampers clip is hilarious!

k. said...

This is why I just can't have a dog in the city. I wouldn't do well picking it up every time we went outside.

I'm sure that Gunther is thankful for you every night in his prayers.

Melanie said...

oh I have stepped in dog poop 3 times since being here! I could not agree more.

Sally said...

Ha!! that is great :D

old me.