spring training.

spring is here, for a minute, at least. i felt a bit naked yesterday, walking around without wearing a coat or jacket. it was delightful. a few of us celebrated the 60-something degree weather with a picnic in the park.  fox ate more dirt than lunch.


noelle said...

60-something... i freeze if it gets below 75, but that's my southern-biased skin talking. i love picnics. fun!

Suzi said...

Too many posts...I can't take in all of the goodness! But seriously-you are witty. Love it. And hate that you guys had us beat by a good foot...dang my weak arms.

k. said...

Higher Suzi, higher! We must do daily pushups together.

Love this photos. The boys both have excellent form.

mandalynette said...

i commend you! foxland isn't an easy bundle to toss into the air. well done, team burton!!!

old me.