close encounters with famous people, no. 3:

caroline rhea.

the encounter:  just another saturday afternoon at the upper west side shake shack. caroline was sitting on one of the outside benches, smiling, eating... her baby was parked in a nearby stroller.  i would've snuck a picture, but i thought i'd exercise self-control on her behalf... let's just say i don't think she was expecting paparazzo.  and shack burgers demand your full attention.

bonus:  i almost said, "hi caroline," cos she smiled right at me as if she knew me.  she looks like one of those folks with a permanent happy face.  i like that.

encounter rating: 3/5 stars.

burger: 4/5 stars.


hilary said...

sweet! i can totally see her as always being smiley. :) so the shake shack, this seems to be becoming a weekly or biweekly occurance. i'm assuming it's b/c you've been entertaining guests for the past month. are you getting sick of that place yet?

Anonymous said...

must have been some burger! haha

*very cool that you are rubbin' shoulders with the stars, erin! love it :)

i once saw shia labeouf at the SLC airport... i think i stared at him long enough to 1) make him extremely uncomfortable or 2) make him wanna say, "YES! it's ME already!!" :P ....probably both :P

Alyson said...

mmmmmm. shake shack. mmmmmmm.

oh, and she looked weird without makeup.

thanks again! we love you guys!

old me.