i finished something i started:

fox, finishing a shack burger that  i started.  when i tried to take it back, he shrieked like a velociraptor.  do not come between this man and a meal.  photos courtesy of the talented kathryn, of course.

i deleted my twitter account; i just couldn't get on board with it.  why do i need the drive-thru version of facebook when i am content with the sit-down dining experience of the "old" facebook?  kinda felt like overkill.  and i don't often delete my social-networking profiles, even the ones i haven't logged onto in years... not sure why.  i have a hard time making such final commitments, i suppose.  i'm quite certain my mug is still floating around hotsaints.com somewhere.  yes, i just said that.  but twitter.  maybe if i had a blackberry or iphone or cell phone that possessed decent texting capabilities, maybe then tweeting would make more sense for me.  maybe later.  i apologize to all of my two followers.


Lori said...

love the pictures. he and reagan might rival each other in their love of "big people food." love it.

twitter. yup. i tried religiously for awhile, but then i grew tired of it. i can't seem to love it. i agree, facebook works great. and i even have a blackberry with great texting abilities. :)

k. said...

These photos make me cry a little bit inside. Where is the milk & binkey?

My life is barely interesting enough for a blog AND facebook. Tweeting would just send me over the narcissistic edge, I think.

Jill said...

smart fox. he knows a good thing when he finds it.

i also can't handle the twitter idea. although it might be entertaining to stir-up some mystery with updates that could be misunderstood.

Carlee Hoopes said...

I think the point of Twitter is more for getting the information you need and want - whether it be by following individuals, groups, companies, or news sources - rather than providing information to other people about you. It is a quicker way to obtain information about the subjects that interest you, in a less cluttered format (no annoying quizzes, pokes, invites, etc. bogging down your page...and you can follow anybody without them having to accept you as a friend first). I mean, Twitterers found out about MJ like 30 minutes before any news sites got a story up about it. Anyway, if people find what you say interesting and useful to them, they will follow you, if not, they won't. But the point is to use it to your advantage, not to worry about saying things to get others to follow you. Lots of celebs are treating it like a competition, which is lame. It's a brilliant concept for celebs though, because now they have the power. They can address any rumor about them and confirm or deny it. It puts power in their hands so they're not victims of the paparazzi.

Anyway, I totally agree that it's hard to get the hang of Twitter after using Facebook. I signed up for Twitter forever ago and after like a month I gave it up for a long time because I didn't get the point and it seemed like I was talking to nobody. Then I read up about it a little more and now I use it every day to find out information I want to know and to update my status once in a while if I feel like it.

Ok, this is way long. I was just reading through your comments and it seemed like a lot of people didn't get the point of Twitter, so I thought I'd speak. Now I'll forever hold my peace.

erin said...

hiya carlee. ya, that's kind of what i was trying to do with twitter -- i followed a few news sources and bands i liked, but without an iphone or whatever, i still had to turn on my computer to get caught up. and then random people started following me... like, girls who don't wear clothes. spam, i'm sure, but that weirded me out a little. so, someday maybe, when we have an income and i can buy a fancy phone, then maybe twitter and i will fall in love.

Carlee Hoopes said...

True. If you're not like at a laptop all day or sportin' an IPhone, the instant info stuff doesn't do you much good. And I think the whole interface is kinda intimidating, with the retweets and the @ signs and stuff. Like I said, I wasn't a fan for a long time. It just seems like it's misunderstood a lot. Facebook seems more geared toward keeping up with friends and family...Twitter's probably more for keeping up with news and celebs and stuff.

LOL, gotta love the pornies.

Jami said...

Awesome, Fox. Man, I wish I was that focused.

noelle said...

i'm with kathryn. these photos of fox-the-full-fledged toddler make me sad. so big.

also, erin, oh erin. hotsaints.com. can't stop laughing.

Laura B from the LBC said...

I wouldn't give you my shack burger either. Sorry.

old me.