it's written all over your face.

so what was it this time?
joe joe's?
hershey's kisses?
peppermint bark?
word of advice:
that chocolate goatee, although quite dashing, will get you every time, chief.

can i blame him? no. he's got his momma's unwavering self control. but at least he keeps his messes on his face. these days it's a christmas miracle if i'm able to make it through the day without a grease stain on my sizable underbelly. classy.


Lori said...

your photog'ing is getting AWESOME my friend. cute kiddo

Melanie said...

look at his eyes - they show the guilt too. Busted Fox!

k. said...

Kind of like when Mike kissed me goodbye when he was heading to work the other week. I immediately told him that I knew he'd had joe joe's for breakfast. It's like they have a built-in security system so that we know when they've been stolen.


old me.