the indie stats.

my dear and talented friend kathryn also took some priceless photos of baby sister. go leave her a comment, encouraging her to do this stuff professionally. i mean, really.

i was incredibly shocked when my friends and family told me matt hacked this thing and posted pictures of baby sister. i truly had no idea he knew what to do, and i have to admit the control freak inside of me started to panic for just a split second as i was feverishly trying to remember if any carnage accidentally slipped into the delivery room footage. i should have known better; you're a good man, matthew... you done good.

so, sweet miss indiana...

born: 1.12.2010, 2246 hours
weight: 7lbs 12oz
length: 19 3/4in

- lots of dark hair, but it looks slightly lighter underneath, like she needs to get her roots done
- came out with long, pretty fingernails and eyelashes in full bloom... quite the lady
- immediately upon arrival she cleared out her own airways with her shrieking, then proceeded to poop on me... quite the lady

fox has been very attentive to indiana's needs. this morning he made sure she had plenty of supplemental formula for breakfast.


melanie said...

she is beautiful erin! oh this makes me so baby hungry!

noelle said...

love her already.

Jenny said...

those photos your friend took ARE precious! congrats on another beautiful baby.

k. said...

She pooped on you? Seriously? That's awesome.

Maybe for your birthday Matt can promise to blog twice a month.

Amy said...

Yeah! Fox's reaction to her is priceless. Congrats, can't wait to see her in the flesh.

mb said...

SO CUTE. Scott and I agree we really (like really) love her name. First and Middle. Your last name is ok too :)

audrey said...

erin, she is perrrrfect. i cannot wait to hold her. and eat her up. and look at her--she is sooooo related to you guys!!! isn't that the best feeling? you beLONG to each other!!!

p.s. ADOOOOOOOORE her name. love it love it love it.

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

love the name, love the little lady, congratulations you two~

Jami said...

Congrats you guys! She is beautiful and I LOVE the name!

old me.