house arrest + babies + wandering thoughts = this post.

gramma julie, grampa clark

fuzzy. love it.

post-nap emo hair. love it.

her majesty, ready to go out.

why yes, in fact; fox's pajamas are indeed painted on.

show us your muscles!

  • on the day indiana was born, i took two cab rides. the pain was a bit much for casual banter to ensue during the second trip, but the conversation during the first ride touched on various interesting topics: the mayan calendar and "2012," antibiotics, winter blooming plants, inventors, the second avenue subway line, female drivers (and their superiority over male drivers -- coming from a male cabbie) and government conspiracies. all in under fifteen minutes. it was one of my favorite new york moments.
  • my mom left me this week. she deemed me mentally stable enough to care for two young children and a dog. and a husband. i think she needs to be checked. after i shut the door as she walked out of my life, i looked around at fox and indie and the dog and just felt terrified and helpless. cue tears. fox noticed my sobs, stared at me for a second before giving me a hug, some nice pats, then asking me if i wanted a snack. oh dear. should i have laughed or cried some more? scary how well he knows me.
  • i've resolved to postpone my new years resolutions until february.
  • if you ever find yourself moving to new york city AND have more than one child AND the sum of your children's ages is less than or equal to 2.5 years AND you don't have a nanny = you NEED to live in an elevator building. unless you insist on being a martyr or breaking a limb.
  • i may get in trouble for the next two pictures, but a little crack never hurt anybody, right?

indie bum.

fox bum.


Alyson said...

oh dear, I wish I were there to help you somehow. i can only imagine how lonely and overwhelming that would be. But on the plus side, those two are SOOO adorable! Foxy in his painted on jammies and queen Indie in her finest going out threads. And I'm loving me some cute baby crack! :)

Jenilyn said...

You are simply the best. Don't ever stop blogging. You make my day 10 times out of 10...that's a perfect score so......

Sab said...

1. I love your first day video so much, I put a link to it from my blog.
2. My BFF goes to NYU and thinks she lives in your nehiborhood, and says you are missing the best place ever from your cupcake list. She also says she is slightly in love with your children, whom she has never met. If you email me, I'd love to introduce you! sabrinablackner@gmail.com
3. Oh my gosh, Indiana is SO CUTE.

Scott & Lindsay said...

oh my! indie has already changed so much! she is so sweet. mae would be jealous of her wardrobe seeing as how she's barely been in anything other than jammies/comfies thus far. i'm even a little jealous. i live for your posts friend. i've tried to email and text but alas. no response. just glad to know you're alive. muah!
p.s. the bum shot is hysterical.

Savanna said...

i always wondered whether mr. potato head glasses worn upside down would help me find joy in clothes pins. i guess i have my answer.

ps. can't wait to see you all. please bless that you make it through house arrest and some plane rides.

hilary said...

oh i wish i were there to help you. didn't you just barely cut fox's locks?? his hair grows like a weed. love the fuzzy hair indie has and love the bum shot. how old is foxy there? we should skype again, indie changes by the minute. loves!

k. said...

I love Indiana's faux hawk. Wait, is that how you spell it? Well I love it. And Fox's post-nap emo hair, too.

Let's just get February over with, get some sunshine back in our lives & we'll all feel much better. In the meantime, I'll deliver food. And movies. Yes.

Jill said...

I didn't realize your mom had left. I'm sorry, I would have called and cried on the phone with you. I just like to pretend that our families will never leave and that I won't ever have to take care of these 2 kids on my own.

I would like to point out though how cute your kids are. I feel like I have not seen Fox in a year, he is so big, and Indie's clothes? She is so ahead of her time.

Lori said...

you really should post more, i miss you. your kiddos are darling. DARLING.

Abbie said...

Mommas leaving us to take care of our babies. AHHHH!

Oh Erin! I forgot you didn't have an elevator. Nuts.

You can do it! In no time, you have this down and you will be amazing. I promise. But you will still need plenty of snacks and plenty of crying. It's all good. It's all good. You know what I say - you can do hard things!! (Yes, I am shaking pom poms at my computer screen.)

Abbie said...

PS she is reeeeally cute.

noelle said...

oh, chiquita. the transition from one to two was so very hard for me. but i was in american suburbia! special blessings await you. i soooo wish i was there to help you and take fox and hold indie and clean your bathroom and give you lots of hugs. you are a sweet, beautiful mamacita with the two most adorable babes. you're doing great! love you. xoxo.

Vause Family said...

Reality is brutal! I'm sure you're doing a fine job and your kids are darling. I remember changing Ashton's diapers along with Charlie's just like you're doing. What a trip! Hope there will be some nice weather days so you can get outside.

Jenny said...

Your kids-adorable! Your blog-aways makes me giggle! Hang in there :)

Melanie said...

I think it sounds really really really hard and I'm a little terrified at the thought myself but I bet you after a month or two, you'll get the hang of and become a pro.

Allow yourself to order delivery and get your laundry sent out as often as you need.

Can I help?

The Jackson Three said...

You are a trooper to deal with stairs...not sure how you do it. And the pics are darling...you have dang cute kids (with cute bums).

And my sisters (with multiple kids) have said the same thing about watching mom leave after being there to help with newborn. It can only get better...right?

dani said...

erin i sobbed when my mother-in-law left after me having jo jo. that was desperation. you are doing so much better then you think.

Jami said...

SO stinkin' cute! Hang in there, chica <3

old me.