will someone remind me about that part where i sleep again?

the sweet younglings have aligned, and it's beginning to feel like their motives are sinister. i'm almost positive that i'm the target of some cruel science experiment: how far will the mothership go without sleep before she's driven to drink. for the past week or so, just as one little monkey is drifting off to sleep, the other takes the wakefulness shift. it all feels just too... deliberate... calculated, if you smell what i'm steppin' in. and i'm dreading the day when the late night olympic coverage ceases to own my television. bob costas and his dry wit have been nursing me through the lowest points. then, miraculously, at 8:07 on saturday morning, they succumbed:


asleep in my lap


oatmeal untouched (he gobbled it up hours later. ice cold goop = breakfast of champions)


hilary said...

oh man. sounds rough. i know two is much harder than one, but you're kind of scaring me a little about my future. hang in there. miss you.

Unknown said...

Please figure it out before I have #2?

Jill said...

that was seriously a christmas miracle. both falling asleep at 8am?? i probably would have shed tears of joy, and then passed out on the couch. i hope it gets better for you.

k. said...

I like the idea of me coming over & playing with the two little hellions while you take a nap. Let's plan that, yes?

I've decided that being tired is the WORST feeling in the world. Almost.

Megan said...

Yep. They plan it. It's deliberate. That is the same conclusion I came to when it happened to me EVERY DAY after I had Evan. I mean seriously. There is no other explanation.

melanie said...

oh boy, i hear ya! i have forgotten what sleep feels like too. so. um. good luck with that?

Lori said...

just plain awesome.

yes, eventually you will sleep again. i remember being in your pain and i didn't have a two year old! good luck my friend. i'm sending you all the energy vibes i have.

Net said...

Sleep? Are you kidding me? Myth, I say. Complete fiction.
Love the cold oatmeal. It's a staple around here.

Jill said...

bless you. i would have to be admitted by this point. one is enough for me and i can only imagine the tag-team effect. frightening.

old me.