words and terms i need to use more often:

i like the cut of your jib
dog and pony show
major (noun, not adjective; i.e. "that handbag is major")
filthy lucre
rogue extremists (thank you, laura)
itshay (instead of its root-form)
que suerte!

what else? suggestions?


Kassie said...

my personal faves that you should only use if you are trying to up your level of sophistication are:
word up?
word to ya motha.
for rills?
frickin and friggin
oh and my all time favorite...dang gina! (used as an exclamation)
and sadly yes I do use these phrases on a daily basis. I think I should prolly move a little more uptown so i fit in better.

Savanna said...

que suerte, erin. that list is major. and now the cat's got my tongue cos i can't think of any worthwhile phrases... other than: curse my metal body, which i say often and only my brothers get it. such is life.

Carly said...

I'm one of your numero uno stalkitos, so back at ya. I wish I knew you in high school because I think we could have been chums. Mr. Burton is quite the gem, tell him hello.

k. said...

I still owe you $20. And your iPod. Speaking of said lucre.

j. said...

*boss (i.e. indie's hat is totally boss)
*and the phrase "...and some bazooka joe for good karma" (i don't know why, i'm just going with the groove i feel when i say it)

Chelsi Lasater said...

- i like boss
- also, bananas (ie "the itshay is bananas!")
- obvi (abbreviation for obvious)
- any jewish phrase or word

Chelsi Lasater said...

oh, i forgot, "for realsies"

old me.