this means one of two things:

1. gymnast.


2. carnie.

she's flirting with this crawling business. and she had solids for the first time the other day. next week she'll start shaving her legs and wearing a training bra. is it too early for me to be baby hungry? pretend i didn't say that.

i'm supposed to be running a half marathon in two weeks. if any of you out there would like to throw up a prayer on my behalf, i'd be grateful. i was "in training" back in june, and then i decided that i would take the entire month of july off to rest up and carbo load. the race is august 6th, or something like that. i sort of have a few good excuses why i've fallen off the wagon, one of them being that indie and i took a trip up to priest lake to visit my friend kathryn at her family's cabin. dear hudson crew: we loved it. thanks for making indie and me feel like family and letting us crash your party. and sorry about the bat. i have no idea how the little germ vector got in the cabin, but in some twisted way i think the rabies horror story i told only hours before had something to do with it.

i'm kicking myself that i didn't take more pictures of our trip. i don't have any excuses. kathryn takes better pictures than i do anyway, so click here for a glimpse of the good life. and these are hers, too:

there's a 30 week fetus under her shirt. commence passing judgments. and yes, we look alike. one of her doormen just assumed i was her sister and would wave me through every time.

and, let's see. what else needs discussing. i miss my husband. i've seen him for 24 hours in the last three weeks. that's not an exaggeration. i'm obsessed with the movie inception, but i think if i watch it a third time it's going to make my brain start to hemohrrage out my ears. see it immediately, and then explain it to me. and as if i didn't have enough vices, the iphone application words with friends has kicked my productivity levels in the teeth. i may get owned by this half marathon, but i can optimize tile value and defensively block a triple word square like it's nobody's business.


Lori said...

oooo good luck! i'd love to hear how the race goes.

i'm glad you were able to go back and visit your friends, yay for that!

k. said...

Indie's crawling position makes my stomach hurt. But I'm putting in a vote for gymnast, for sure.

The bat in the cabin almost made me go into labor. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard.

And pretty sure I'm your worst WWF competitor, ever. Let that ego boost get you through 13+ miles.

me? said...

Erin, that crawling position is nuts! i'm glad you are in town. Lindsay has such a great time with you when you're around...and what makes her happy pleases me to no end. You look fabulous, BTW.

Jill said...

i love that carni is an option. way to go, indie! she is just keeping her options open.

-priest lake may be the most relaxing place i have ever heard of.
-i know you will do great in your 1/2 marathon, you are an animal.
-and i've seen your scrabble capabilities. i don't doubt your skills in this wwf business. now if i just had one of those iphone contraptions.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Good heck. I feel the same about Words with Friends. Although I totally suck. I never even thought about playing defense. If you ever feel the need to kick someone's trash, play me.

Carlee Hoopes said...

And also, carnie's not a bad way of life by any means. Our neighbors chose it and they can kettle korn like it's nobody's business. I say more power to her.

hilary said...

- um yeah, you totally look like kathryn's sister.
- i need to add the wwf app. i keep forgetting. but i know you would seriously kick my trash...
- good luck on your half marathon!!! i forgot about that. it's a mind thing. you'll be fine. once you reach 8 or 9 miles you just keep going like its nothing, right?
- and i never heard the bat story. i need to hear it.

Savanna said...

training like the true burton that you are. i know you can do it. and inception? i didn't sleep that night, and i can sleep through the sky falling.

Savanna said...

training like the true burton that you are. i know you can do it. and inception? i didn't sleep that night, and i can sleep through the sky falling.

dani said...

you and kathryn are friend soulmates i think. i hope you two get together often! friend soulmates are hard to come by! and as for running a half marathon-i applaud you! i barely can get in 3 days of p90x. cant wait to see you soon lovie!

noelle said...

this picture of indie kills me. every time i see it i die. love it so much. i hope she lets me hold her when i see you.

so everytime you guys are writing "wwf", i keep thinking "wtf" and it's cracking me up.

as for the half marathon, well... you already know how i feel. we'll get it done and hopefully be able to move on with our lives. i'm fully committed to going into hibernation these last two months of pregnancy. see you in a few days!

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