my dog needs therapy.

sometimes i feel very shallow. like, this is what i'm blogging about? really? my dog licks the floor incessantly? and i make movies about it?

this was shot over the course of 10 hours. totally unscripted. 100% iphone.

let's discuss imovie for the iphone for a second. it's cool but limited. i almost didn't publish this because the background music wasn't loud and dramatic enough, the transitions weren't what i wanted, and the ending isn't pretty. but whatever. you get the point. AND. let's discuss the state of my children in this movie. indie looks neglected and fox's cough sounds life threatening. sinusitis reared its ugly head at our home last week, complete with mucus and/or pus leaking from every facial cavity. that's not an exaggeration. added to thankful list: antibiotics.


Chelsi Lasater said...

do you know how many times a day i say, "belle, don't lick. BELLA! Don't! LICK!" about 200. does gunther ever choke up fiber balls from the carpet? geeze!! but with belle it's not only the carpet...it's everything. furniture, cabinets, pillows, sheets, (ew. i know.) legs, faces, doors, and most embarrassingly, guests. is there like a support group or something? i've tried bitter apple spray but you can't spray you entire gosh damned house! i even made a video about it too. (i'm completely serious.) mine though, was her favorite toy, harry the hybrid, (he is neither pig nor bear, but a mix) telling belle that it's naughty to lick. "it spreads germs and can make people feel uncomfortable." i played it for her but she took nothing from it. i feel your pain.

Lori said...

ah dogs. i love it. my dog wicket used to lick the edge of our couch until he literally licked a divet in the side. what is it with dogs and licking?

sidenote: cute kiddos.

Alyson said...

I love that at the end he's pretty much just tuned you out - just like a human child! - and turns his head away from you, as if he can't hear you. Funny doggy.

I love Fox's little giggle as he licks his toes and can't believe Indie is crawling around like crazy!

mb said...

indie looks so big, seriously. maybe gunther just likes the feel of the carpet on his tongue??? or something.

i'm h.mac said...

gunker, don't lick.

we miss you guys.

hilary said...

haha! oh gunther. i have that app, but i haven't really used it a whole lot... story of my life. i think it still turned out pretty darn good. love the song you chose for it. hilarious.

Jill said...

gunther, i don't think erin wants you to lick the carpet. just sayin'.

ps. does indie really know how to say "doggy"? your kids are genius freaks of nature.

miss you!

k. said...

Did i not comment?? Meant to.

This video is why I love you. Its amazing.

I still have fond(ish) memories of my special night on the couch with sweet Gunther. Crazy dog.

Rosalene said...

You're brilliant, dear. And I think the fact that you have 2 kids+dog is amazing. I could only choose one or the other. Never could my lame brain handle both. Indie is darling.

Holmes Clothing said...

The fact you have a dachshund named Guenther is beyond cool anyway but the look on his face when you tell him to stop is priceless...like a helpless addict that is sad that he can't stop licking the carpet. 2 suggestions if you'd like my input on the habit.
1. He is probably licking the carpet because it is salty. Perhaps some non-organic dog food preserved with lots of salt would knock him off the habit.
2. When I trained my dog not to chew on kid's toys, I would present the opportunity, let her chew, then correct her...(grab by the scruff and tug) then immediately give her the opportunity again to disobey and then she would just sit and stare until I gave her praise. The other trick is to replace the carpet with something you don't mind if he licks.
-Love The Dogfather

old me.