you can't take on a christmas card project AND be a good mom.

fox: "no indie!!"
erin nonchalantly glances at indie and continues to address/stamp cards: "fox, she's okay. she's just playing with a fork."

...oh wait.


erin: "fox, i'm sorry i lost my temper."
fox: "that's okay mom. you can get it back."


and a potty training update. let me preface this by saying that i never had any brothers, so whenever i talk about this stuff to my mom and sisters, they look at me like i'm speaking to them in swahili.

fox is really doing a great job with this underwear business, and i couldn't be more proud of him, but i thought the days of me getting peed on had come and gone with fox's infancy. silly, silly me. nowadays, if we're out in public and fox has to go, we don't leave the restroom without my shoes, pants and/or shirt lightly doused in urine.

this morning the lad tried to go to the bathroom like daddy (subtext: stand up to the toilet instead of sit on the toilet) and hosed everything in the bathroom but the inside of the toilet bowl. anyone remember those wet willy water toys from the 70s/80s that you'd hook up to hose and willy's limbs would flail and spray water in any/every direction? there you go. i better learn to love the smell of clorox wipes with urinal undertones.

and today while at the playground, he dropped trou right there between the slide and the monkey bars and christened the wood chips. praises be we don't live in manhattan anymore. i think you can get arrested or reported to family services for those kinds of shenanigans in the big apple.

i feel like i could dedicate an entire blog to potty training. but i won't.

and indie is no longer playing with forks.


Unknown said...

I told John I wanted to do July or February cards instead. He said no way, so I said fine, but he had to do it entirely by himself. We'll see.

Unfortunately, it's not just Christmas cards. I cannot do ANYTHING while still protecting the baby. Like, say, make a sandwich. "Evelyn, don't touch Hyrum while I make lunch. Just leave him there."

H squeals.

I come back to find E holding H by his forearms, half on/half off her bed. I think I better start saving for the therapy and/or hospital bills right now.

mb said...

hahaha, I just snorted a little with laughter at the thought of fox dropping his trousers at a playground. Hilarious.

noelle said...

i wish i had words of encouragement for you. but boys are just gross. m was the easiest to potty train because she hates being dirty. sometimes i try to think back to the time when my clothes were dry clean only and all i had to worry about was myself, and i honestly can't recall the feeling.

on the bright side, you have adorable babes. their cuteness makes up for the reckless abandon of bodily excretions. i wonder how people with ugly children cope. juuuuust kidding.

Vause Family said...

SInce Texas is its own country, I'm pretty sure you can get away with that stuff. Love the update!

kate said...

bless you, little mommy. i would rather punch myself in the face than potty train a child. i've been searching for someone online i can pay to do that for me next time. good for fox for doing a fine job, and i'm sure his aim will improve. i've heard a game of "sink the cheerios" helps.

Melanie said...

Potty Training and Christmas cards both torture me. But I have to say, I think you have it worse in the potty training department. Gross.

We miss Fox. He 's such a cool boy.

dani said...

erinspice i love your bloggie. and your offspring.

Kathryn said...

Potty training and Christmas cards? At the same time? Not recommended.

Jill said...

Your title rings true to me this week, "here Jane, just have another cracker.."

I do not look forward to potty training but I'm afraid boys might be harder... your visual of the wet willy toy has me running & screaming.

Scott & Lindsay said...

oh my i could eat that face miss indie. i wish i had my own potty training stories to tell but alas. we're still changing 2 bums around this joint. i'm pretty sure the next size up for syd is depends. i live for your blog updates friend. miss you.

k. said...

I love Noelle.

And you made a switch from right to left with the sidebar? I like. And the silhouettes, of course.

Anonymous said...

indie's face=classic :P i sympathize for you on the potty front :P although i can't quite remember those times (or maybe i blocked them out for a good reason) i *do remember thinking, "what has my life become?" haha hang in there. sounds like he's getting it down :) hope you are loving the big "d" again! happy holidays!!

Jill said...

wyatt is going to wear diapers, then pull ups, then depends. for the rest of his life.

indie is awesome.

camilla hallows said...

Erin. Your blog is hillarious! I do not envy the potty training stage you're in but Fox is about as cute as they come! We should hang out this week :)

old me.