if you absolutely love to camp, i don't know if we can be friends.

camping. i never did it as a kid--maybe having all sisters had something to do with it... scared my poor dad away from entertaining the idea. even when i did do it (if you count LDS girls' camp as "camping"), my irrational fear of aliens and my love for a hot shower got in the way of developing a love for roughing it. and as a young, childless adult, unless it involved a boat or indoor plumbing and a cable subscription, it just wasn't my thing. but watching your kids run around with fishin' poles, gettin' mudstains, roastin' mallows, and makin' memories with the cousins? you'd have to have a cold, black heart to not enjoy that. it was those thoughts of merry-making that kept my cold rump warm while it was hanging off the end of a half-inflated air mattress (in case you've ever wondered--yes, you can fit two adults, two toddlers and a dog on one air mattress... barely).

and the sunset. i still can't get over it.







this one's begging for a little photoshop vintage action...




k. said...

Tender, yes. Those first silhouette photos - priceless. SO beautiful.

Of course you can make amazing films AND take beautiful photographs. Of course.

RSP said...

We MIGHT be soul mates. Just sayin.

Jill said...

I'm terrified to take my kids camping. I'm pretty sure we would never ever go to sleep all jammed up in a tent together. And my sleep just means a whole lot to me. You're my hero.

Scott & Lindsay said...

wow. how fun. impressed with you friend.

Ashlee said...

Love, love, love that sunset and the vintage tender picture at the end. You sure know how to make my eyes perk up with great photographs! I am on your train, no campin' for me. I enjoy a indoor plumbing and a nice clean shower and kids. Let's go to Powell on a houseboat and rough it!

Sally said...

"...I miss Mayberry..." Where did you go?? Those are gorgeous shots--Erin, you have quite the eye!
Glad to hear that you are enjoying Dallas- your kids are just adorable. I can't believe how grown-up Indie is!

Savanna said...

how did you do that? call me for a tutorial please. dc deserves some good photogs, and i'm just not delivering.

mb said...

Scott loves to camp and I do not...that's why I willed the bishopric to put him in scouts so he can go on campouts.

It has worked out quite nicely.

the "vintage" photo = priceless.

brenley said...

i feel the same way about camping. those pictures are fabulous!!

old me.