oh hi.

my blog and i just kissed and made up.

about two months ago i felt like i lost my blog voice. the only thing going on in my life that i can possibly correlate this loss with is beginning the process of weaning indiana. and now you may be thinking one of two things:

1. "um, how old is your daughter??"


2. "um, how old is your daughter??"

honestly though i really wasn't in any hurry to get her off the teat. nursing indie was just so easy. she's a picky eater and doesn't much care for milk, and i felt like nursing was helping to keep some meat on her bones. but once she started pointing to my chest and yelling, "please!" i knew it was time to roll the credits.

too much?

so, greece. we went to greece! rica and dimitris were wed! we love them. this vacation was major, and it laid the foundation for many, many subsequent trips to visit our greek family. we spent time with friends, we went to the beach nearly every day, and we ate. we also learned that fox has a rather refined palate for a three-year old (his favorite: feta lightly doused with olive oil topped with freshly ground pepper), and indie can survive for ten days on french fries and goldfish crackers.

i didn't take too many videos, but it turns out i took nearly a thousand pictures. and since editing down my photos is against my religion, i just did this again (are you sick of these from me yet?):


Melanie said...

Your posts crack me up every time.

Beautiful photos!

Scarlett was 14 months when I weaned her but she was off the growth charts at that point and looked like she was three. Her body just kept coming and coming out of that nursing cover on the subway. I'm sure I am on You Tube somewhere.

Mateo said...

Great video hon. Thanks for posting. Oh, and I am glad you chose to wean our daughter.

audrey said...

ahhh i've missed you!! never stop posting. promise me you won't leave us hanging so long again...

and don't stop the vids either. LOVE.

p.s. where are you living now again?? do i get to see you if i visit noey? or are you too far from her... ?

Unknown said...

AMAZING. looks like such an incredible trip...Jealous :)

Jill said...

don't ever stop making your videos. loved it! can we come next time?

noelle said...

i think i speak for everyone when i say, no. we will never tire of your vids. EVER. this is the most amazing family vacay ever. i wish i was your's and matt's child. also, just... i don't know why, but i love the way fox overpronates when he runs. it endears him to me even more, if that was even possible.

Jill said...

That video went by too fast for me, I want to watch it repeatedly. Keep blogging lady, I miss hearing from you.

Chelsi Lasater said...


Rica said...

Sheer happiness!!!!!!!!! Thank you friend!
ps: "matt and erin were right by our side! we love them." ;-)

k. said...

My brain hurts a little bit. How do I make that slow down? Of course it was amazing. It's frustrating being your friend sometimes.


I thought Fox was bowling pants-less for a bit.
Related: I love his swim briefs.
Also: I fear Q is on Indie's nursing path..
Unrelated: You are tiny. Eat a sandwich.
(I know that friends have an obligation to tell each other that they are tiny & small & petite, but you are tiny.)
Um, what else... I miss your kids. And you, of course. Getting in my wagon now-ish & coming for a visit. Or maybe in a few weeks.


camilla hallows said...

Are you kidding me Erin? I want to be you so I can make cool videos like this...and about a hundred other reasons. Your family is presh.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say I'm glad you and your blog made up :) Love all the pics :) Sure hope you are doing well! Looks like an amazingly fun trip :)

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

perfect music
you really must have taken 1000 pics
do you really have greek family??
hope you guys are doing great!

hilary said...

Nope they never get old. Loved it as usual. Makes me wanna do another one on my blog... Nice jorb, sisty!

old me.