just stuff.

1.  west nile virus and dallas.  it's like Providence above knew that i would absolutely crack up if i had to deal with that ish, and knock on wood, i haven't seen a one mosquito here in nevada.  tender mercies.  so then to make things interesting, my dear esposo goes and takes a vacation to dallas and while there plays outdoor volleyball till the wee hours of the morn and doesn't lather up with bug spray.  and he brings home a few mosquito bites as parting gifts, NBD.  bless his heart (and peace be to mine), pretty sure i married my complete and total opposite.  i'll feel much better once he clears the incubation period (ten more days--yes i'm counting).

2.  you know you live in a small town when everyone/every business only gives you a seven-digit telephone number.  and i know i frustrate the kmart employees whenever they ask for my account number (phone number) and i have to make them delete the auto area code and type in my 801.

3.  here are two reasons to avoid I-80 at night:
  • trucker serial killers.  there really isn't any concrete proof that i can provide you with on this one, but you pay a visit to google and educate yourself. 
  • there is usually some weird ol' stuff in the sky around wendover at night.  due to my history of paranoia i may not seem like a credible source, but even my husband can confirm this one, and clearly from bullet point #1 up there, it takes a lot to ruffle his feathers.  and he's a pilot, so he knows what weird stuff in the sky would look like.  i am choosing to blame such phenomenon on the military testing area that's close by, but seeing floaty burny things falling to earth and such makes your stomach do funny things.
4.  i'm ready for fall.  and i think i'm secure enough with myself now to admit that i am just not a summer person.  give me some crisp air,  boots, hearty soup and confections made with pumpkin and some Radiohead, Doves or likeminded band that has a lot of minor tunes and i'm quite satisfied.

5.  independence day.  it was magical.  fox ran his first race (subtext: erin dragged fox for a mile... but to his credit, he was stoked for the first 100 yards), we barbecued, fireworks and yadda.  always the best day of the summer.  






grampa cwark


gramma margene


auntie chubbs--she's single, and annoyingly perfect


see?  ugh.


Carlee Hoopes said...

I hear ya on the West Nile business. My family just cleaned out my dead grandpa's shed and for 3 weeks I was convinced we were all dying of hantavirus. What's up with these ridiculously long incubation periods? There's no sense in them. I'm also in agreement about the summertime. Not my favorite.

erin said...

carlee, every time i sweep the porch i think about hantavirus. are we related?

Carlee Hoopes said...

I'm convinced.

Jill said...

the 4th is usually a good time, i'm glad you enjoyed yours!! now bring on fall. i wish we were neighbors so we could eat yummy pumpkin treats together. and yes, i'm totally annoyed with your cute sister.

Sheena said...

Erin... your posts crack me up! The thing is I know your 100% being honest so it cracks me up more... Glad Elko is treating the Burtons well.

Still can't believe Chubbs is single whats up with that???

p.s all you skeen girls are PERFECT!! pure jealousy here!

k. said...

I hate-slash-love all Skeen women. Sheesh.

(But seriously - Chubbs is SO. OLD. Single?! The horror. Has she heard about LDSSingles.com?!)

Also. We went out to dinner tonight & then ran along the waterway with Q for a bit. And then Mike started itching his leg. TWO MOSQUITO BITES. TWO!!! Don't worry that like half of our county has West Nile.

Also, remember when I called your Dad the wrong name like 4,345 times? #stillsoembarassed

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