real life.

there are so many cliche little pleasantries i could use to kick off this comeback entry.  let's just get right to the meat of it:

i had a baby.
matt got fired.
indiana was in and out of the hospital.
and in and out of the hospital.
we sold our house.
we bought a house.
in houston.
and now i think fox has west nile virus.  which means that in real life he probably has a cold.  but if i tell myself it's west nile it won't be west nile, so humor me.

2013 has put hair on my chest, and the post-baby hormones are making it fall out just as quickly as it came.  it's been a wild ride, and i feel like i'm jinxing myself by assuming this ride is over.  i'm sure it's not.  maybe we've just thrown this mini van permanently into seventh gear, in which case i'll have to get comfortable with living on the edge of crazy.  but i honestly cannot believe the blessings that have come of all this heap of mess.  each one of those little events up there has a three-day long story behind it with exhausting twists and turns, and they all piled together to make such a fat, intricate plan that i can't deny that it was all for the best. when god closed a door, he threw open half a dozen bay windows for us.  i'm  so humbled and grateful.

and juniper!  this baby girl, you guys.  the good lord knew i needed her in my life right now.  pure, unadulterated sunshine.  we're best friends.



kate said...

oh goodness. i'm so sorry for your rough ride this year, erin! but i'm glad to have you and your witty writing and your pretty pictures back in the blogosphere. and your junie looks as perfect as can be.

Rosalene said...

Just can't wait to meet that sweet girl someday!! So so good to talk to you! Love you so much and am always pulling for you all! Can't wait for fabulous updates about a perfectly real life in the suburbs!!

Leandra said...

welcome back! And I can't believe your life. The only thing I wish I could change is Houston to Dallas. Cutest baby Juniper! And please bless it isn't West Nile.

Chelsi Lasater said...

As I've been privy to the information a la disaster strikes, you have been in my prayers. I'm so glad the windows opened, but even more glad you had eyes to see them and climb through. It takes a strong woman. Perhaps even one with hair on her chest. You'll continually be in my prayers as you continually rock this life. Also, let's write a book together.

Holly said...

That is a crazy few months! Glad you've got Junie too...she looks like such a sweetie.
And I hope the crazy twists and turns are over. At least for a while.

Dr. B. said...

Cutest baby ever!

Vause Family said...

Oh life! So glad you are close so we can talk and laugh in detail about this stuff. Your junie is beautiful!

Jill said...

love you. and i love when you blog.

Sohbetci said...
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Alyson said...

You've been in my thoughts so much lately my dear. I never could've imagined it was such craziness that brought you to where you are. We definitely need a catch up sesh. Love you. And I love Junie. And her eyes. And perfect little nose and chin. And lips. She's pure perfection.

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old me.