nothin' says "happy valentine's day!" like filing for divorce! larry's first client of the day was here in the office to do just that. what a downer. but at least my day ended on a positive note... the cable guy who came to my apartment to fix the internet wished me a happy valentine's day, which i thought was heartwarming, i went to the mall to spend some birthday money, and for a valentine's day treat i hit a home run by taking a chance with sonic's lemon-berry slush. not bad.

i'm not really a fan of v-day... i have a problem with holidays that are celebrated just cos a retailer says i need to. i'd rather surprise matt on a day when it's unexpected and fun. we've decided to make valentine's day a time for us to let others know in a simple way that we love them and are thinking of them. i hope y'all's valentine's day was all that you'd hoped it'd be and more!


Alyson said...

so sad to be alone on v.day! i don't know how you do it. it must be the hormones, but i've been so clingy(that's a bad word, but i can't think of another) to jon lately. i'm sure he feels smothered but i just want to be around him all the time! i know, i need a life.

any good finds while shopping?

Alyson said...

sorry, another comment from me. thank you so much for the valentine and chocolates! so thoughtful and sweet. you guys rock!

Anonymous said...

Good words.

old me.