utah, for a second

matt and i jumped up to utah for about 48 hours last weekend -- short, yet very sweet. matt skied his little heart out, i got my hairs did, we attended the banff mountain film festival (two enthusiastic thumbs up), and we spent quality time with our dear family. we can't wait to go back for more than 2 days.

jenna boo and her favorite auntie

jenna's first bowl of spaghetti-ohs... did she like?

...jury's still out on that one.


Alyson said...

i love jenna's faces! you'll have have to call us one day when you're in town for more than 48 hours!!! :)

Vause Family said...

Erin! Welcome to the world of blogging (which is appears you've been in for a little while)! Dan forwarded the address to me and I love seeing how the Burton's lives unfold. Keep in touch!

old me.