ciudad de mexico

a couple of weeks ago i headed south of the border to visit my esposo. have a lurk...

the zocalo. kind of like the national mall in washington dc. that there is a government building.

Some cultural festivities.

hey, the gang's all here: karl marx, frederick engles, vladimir lenin, and joseph stalin. communists like to party too.

our room at the "W"

all showers should include hammocks.

my glasses, his idea

we met some nascar pit crew dudes in the elevator of the "W" in mexico city, of all places. there was a big race taking place down in mexico city that weekend. most of them were from texas. of course.

we found mormons.

el concierto de coldplay

what a fine trip.

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Alyson said...

wow! look at your long sexy legs in that first pic! you must be a size 0 now! geez! anyway, the trip looks fabulous, i bet the concert was a blast and i'm jealous you stayed at the 'W', i've heard they're amazing! hmmm. maybe i'll have to meet you there on your next getaway! :)

old me.