happy birthday clarkie boy!

tis the season... father's day was about a week ago, and today is my dad's birthday. time for a tribute to dad blog.

these are some things my dad and i like to do together:


go to baseball games whilst roadtripping.

eat unhealthy food whilst at baseball games.

and nap (wait, that's hilly).

(i'm working with limited photographic resources here at work in texas)

growing up i never understood why other kids didn't like hanging out with their parents. i loved hanging out with mom and dad. they were so cool. they were so funny. they were so young and good looking. better looking than me. still are.

my dad has taught me a lot of valuable things. he taught me the joys of throwing an air mattress in the back of the minivan, pointing the car in whatever direction you felt like at the moment, and driving til you got tired. he taught me that staying in a cheap, decrepit roadside motel for a night can be adventurous and fun (for a second). he taught me to throw less like a girl. he taught me to not date boys with earrings else he'd ask the boy if he was wearing his mother's underwear, too. he taught me how to cook celery soup and hot dogs over rice. he taught me how to play a mean game of hearts. he taught me about the importance of getting an education. he taught me how to drive a stick shift. he taught me to respect the elderly. and he taught me how to cheat at lightning.

in short, any good that i do in this lifetime is because of something my dad taught me. i love ya dad. thanks for being my friend. you are such a good person, and i couldn't have handpicked a better father.


Alyson said...

happy birthday, clark! i got a good laugh out of the boys wearing mother's underwear. i'll have jon use that one i think!

Laura B from the LBC said...

Nice! And I know that those photos are from a DC trip. I remember that hair color!

erin said...

barlow, you nailed it. those pics were taken on the way out to the internship. touche!

old me.