soy good!

my current love affair with the soy bean is hot and heavy. ever since i learned i can purchase edamame at almost any corner grocery store instead of having to wait to order it as an appetizer the next time i go for sushi, i've been obsessed. i can pound a whole 14 oz. bag in one sitting... guilt free. gunther even likes them. i just hope this recent obsession isn't as short lived as my dried apricot stint last month. now just the smell of those shriveled, twisted little soggies makes me throw up in my mouth a little. (shuddering)

so for today at least, here's to my new best friend, the soy bean. but i'm not yet a total hippie... i still eat red meat, waste paper and enjoy long, hot showers.


Laura B from the LBC said...

So you understand my obsession-of-the-month (or however long it takes) with food items. As you know, mine right now is Avocados. But after I got back from Hawaii, all I wanted was Panang Curry and Sticky Rice!

But I love love love edamame so maybe that will be next...I need to go to Costco!

jessaveda said...

edamame is the shiz!

my current dietary obsession: frozen hot chocolate.

Alyson said...

ha ha! love the comment about hippies. i've only tried edamame once and didn't exactly fall in love. maybe i'm going about it all wrong. any suggestions?

old me.