good things.

one of the things i love about hong kong are the people i've met here. the ladies in my church branch threw me a shower this week. last summer when matt told me we'd be moving to hong kong, i automatically nixed any notions of having a shower pre-baby, and i was okay with that. so it truly was a big surprise when my hk sista-friends told me they wanted to get together and party for my eggroll.

thank you, thank you, thank you to my hong kong lady-friends. these phillies really take care of me and ease my homesickness bug.


alert the media.. we found pancakes! welcome to the flying pan... what a great name for a diner, eh? this place is the equivalent of a denny's sans the shifty crowd and chain-smoking waitresses. it's open 24 hours a day, and it only serves breakfast. i feel cheated that i haven't found this place until now.

eggs, bacon, cholesterol. happy day.


hilary said...

yay! i'm glad to hear about some good things you get to experience over there! i was beginning to wonder if you were havig any lately. the little group of ladies in your branch look so sweet, and can i just say someone in that group is very talented with cake decorating! made me wonder if kathy coleman dropped in for your shower.

i'm h.mac said...

yeah for breakfast! i am sure only you can appreciate that once you have been so deprived! your hair looks super cute by the way, you made a major cut it looks like, lovely.
and aren't the worldwide sistas great, they always pull through.

Mardi and Jeremey said...

First of all, very cute cake! Good jobs ladies in your branch! Secondly, Question: Have you read my blog comments on the Hong Kong letter you sent me? My friend said hello to you. Finally, I am SO HAPPY for you and your breakfast diner! Have I ever told you that worked at IHOP throughout college? I am all about breakfast diners. Expecially in other countries where you need them the most.

Laura B from the LBC said...

So fun! Looks like you found some good eats over there...I was beginning to wonder if you had been blessed with an iron stomach because all the pictures that I've seen on your blog make me feel...well...less than stellar!

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

I'm glad you have some good pal's over in the HK. I was getting pretty worried about you! I'm also glad to see that you aren't the only white girl! I love breakfast...it's the most important meal of the day. No matter what time you eat it! By the way you look just stunning! What a hot mum you are going to be!

Jessica said...

that is so sweet of them to give you a shower. thanks for the comment and yes i know of h&m and have planned the whole trip around going to it! ha. i have to tell you i loved that post with the music and downloaded that "sweater song." it is so funny i had to tell my sisters to visit your blog to hear it.

old me.