here's where my head's at:

1.  we now live in a five-story building, and our apartment is on the fourth floor.  no elevator.  how do i get my boy, my dog, the stroller and myself up and down the stairs without incurring injury to all involved?  gunth, you may have to learn how to hold it for 12 hours.

2.  and furthermore, gunther, what do we do with you when we go out of town?  just the thought of a mexico city dog kennel sounds a bit counter-intuitive.

3.  still haven't decided how i'm gonna give fox a bath in non-potable water.  my latest idea: warm up a big bottle of evian and put fox in a bucket.

4.  i gotta learn spanish.  like yesterday.  what's the best way to learn quickly... book?  cd?  my esta bien's are wearing thin.  now i can totally relate to the chinese people who replied with a "ya, it's okay" to everything i said.

5.  there are cops on the street outside my apartment 24 hours a day.  i don't know what to make of that, but i'll tell myself it's a good thing.

6.  god bless subway.  these guys are everywhere, and just like in hong kong, there's a location around the corner from our mex city apartment.  and the best thing about international subways: they deliver.  sweet mercy.

7.  AND -- my hair is falling out at an alarming rate, and it doesn't help that my locks are fox's new favorite toy.  i'm chalking this one up to post-pregnancy hormonal stuff, but come on... if this doesn't let up soon, i'm taking a serious look into hair extensions.


kate said...

gah! you are one tough cookie, erin. seriously, now i feel like a whiny baby complaining about moving to pittsburgh. the hair thing is totally a post prego side effect and it does stop. and then, sometimes, if you're lucky, the male pattern baldness fills back in. hang in there! :)

Mommydew said...

I'm feeling you on the stairs. We lived on the third floor, no elevator when we first moved to TX. Nothing like having a stubborn redheaded 18 month old who refuses to let you help her up and down the steps. Yeah, it took a good 10 to 15 min each way!

And I remember my hair falling out at a scary rate after having my kids...it did finally slow down and I think I have plenty of hair left! Stress doesn't help either :)

Good luck on the spanish!

Abbie said...

experiences like these make you stronger. you are going to have giant biceps.

will i be seeing you in mexico in 2 weeks? what about foxy? is he joining the party too? or are you leaving gunther in charge for 3 days?

Marleepatts said...

I am totally spying into your blog but, I had to say that you are one tough chick if my husband said we were moving to mexico I would be in the corner in the fetal position leaving my kids to fend for themselves.

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

rosettastone.com they say it works. I bet it's pretty pricey. But hey...if it works. You're a smart cookie & the more you hear the more you'll pick up too. It'll force you to learn some of it. Best of luck my dear.

Laura B from the LBC said...

As for the Spanish...there is a HILARIOUS podcast on iTunes to help you learn spanish. I will find it and send you the info, cuz its a must-listen.

Brien said...

I'm so jealous.

Chelsi Lasater said...

You are a TROOPER! DAS is real luh! BTW you should send me a pic of your ring. Okay, I have two solutions. For the Spanish: rosettastone.com, for the hair: Nioxin.com. My first seizure meds made my already thin hair fall out and I used Nioxin, it thickened my hair and gave me at least 3x as much. I have GREAT hair now, and I owe it all to them. Seriously, sign me up for an infomercial. As for the stairs, I feel your pain. Maybe you can train Gunthy to pee on those pads...put it on your balcony or something. And, what about a water purifier??

i'm h.mac said...

aw honey! so bad, so bad, so bad. although the food sounds delicious, and that kind of makes up for the bad right? i call the baldness mom holes, right at the side of your head, yah. the best part when your hair grows back after the third child bearing experience it is ultra curly and impossible to have short hair anymore. so don't cut your hair short, ever ever ever post pardum. it's just not like it used to be pre mom holes.

Starley Family said...

Baby Bjorn??? I wonder the same about the 24 steps with toddler, baby, and diaper bag. You never cease to amaze me. Hang in there Chica bonita.

old me.