down mexico guey.

it was great to get out of the city with matt's coworkers today. we tried to embrace a bit of the culture...

just a few of fox's new friends

fox y hermosa fernanda

a little underage experimentation
DISCLAIMER: this man is a responsible parent and no alcohol was actually ingested by the infant


mexican equivalent of a german drinking song

mexico ain't so bad.


Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

Oooo...looks like a delightful time. You guys are too hot. All of y'all. You look awesome my friend. I'm glad you are embracing the Mexican culture. It looks to be treating you well.

Jami said...

I think Foxy has a crush on Fernanda - she's beautiful. I love Fox gettin' into the groove with his dad!

mandalynette said...

foxman is wearing...sort of...the hat i gave him in the siesta picture! he looks so dashing!!! give him kisses for me.

dani said...

fox is the fairest of them all! he is so handsome!

Sherwoods said...

I am glad you guys had fun. Thanks for Sunday, we had a blast. I was also told that your sweet and sour chicken was better than mine, so I guess I need the recipe!

Anonymous said...

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Sally said...

(Wow, they're recruiting! :) Very cute pics--looks like y'all are having an awesome time! How's the weather down there? I'm currently jealous of anyone with temps under 101.

Anonymous said...

Erin it looks like you are having a great time in Mexico. How neat to have traveled and lived in all of these neat places. I am impressed that you are able to do it with a child...supermom award.

Mabis said...

Hola no se si t acuerdas d mi pero estaba en el barrio de Irving hace como un año. Puedes ver mi blogspot es wmb-thebestsellers.blogspot.com
Your son is really cute and your wife is beautiful as always :)
I have a little guy too his name is Bastian Robert he is 3 and a half months. he is very silly but anyways I'm glad I found pictures from you here, are you still working in Mexico?
Ya perfeccionamos mas el lenguaje?
Cuidence, espero saber d ustedes pronto.

old me.