bread and buttah.

chocolate chips + animal crackers = keebler elf cookies
chocolate chips + tortilla chips = trail mix
shredded wheat + skippy = crunchy peanut butter 
rice + chili sauce = stir fry
bisquick + freshly squeezed lime juice = matthew makes pancakes (matt sometimes forgets we don't live in mexico anymore where lime juice is drizzled on everything but milk)

those are just a few of the food combinations that have been floating around our place lately due to student budgetary constraints and laziness.  anybody out there have any peculiarly tasty duos?

i haven't yet had the heart to try out some of my family's artery-friendly favorites:

grandpa #1: cooked, cold hamburger + ice cream.  yes.  together.
grandpa #2: glazed doughnut + 1/3 cube of margarine.

totally normal.


i'm h.mac said...

aahhh, the days. that is nuts about the grandpas you have floating around in your family.

i do have to say paying under $5 for a gallon of milk was like heaven when i found costco...

Kat said...

hmm..yes, grandpas do tend to have odd combinations. My grandpa liked ice cream in his chili....

I tend to stick with good ol' crackers and cheese, or graham crackers and frosting.

Melanie said...

haha. that's great. I need to come down there and hang out.

I'm excited for the fabric district tomorrow!

Kirk said...

Carin and I adopted a good old missionary standby during the college years. Thus the name Missionary Noodles. Angel Hair Pasta + anything in the fridge and shredded cheeese. Guaranteed to stick to the ribs for at least 7 hours. Actually pretty good with the right spices.

Costco cheddar cheese stick wrapped in a slice of lunch meat...actually quite tasty.

k. said...

I just threw up in my mouth. Seriously.

Cottage cheese & granola? PB&J dipped in milk?? I know, I know... those probably don't count.

Mommydew said...

My Dad eats peanut-butter, cheese and cauliflower sandwiches.

And my father-in-law eats peanut-butter and onion sandwiches.

I have not had either, but if you are up for trying things...enjoy!

hilary said...

ants on a log: peanut butter spread on celery sticks with raisins. mmm... my favorite. and a healthy choice if you use the natural peanut butter and don't go too crazy with it. and i had no idea about the hamburger meat with ice cream... are you sure you didn't make that up? and i thought bain was paying for school...

Jill said...

we often revert to good old rice & beans. add lime or salsa for extra spice.

brad also likes a banana in his ramen. SICK!

Mardi and Jeremey said...

Jeremey puts lime on everything. He puts salt on his fruit too. I love Bananas with caramel on them. It is like a banana split minus the ice cream. mmm...good!

old me.