close encounters with famous people, no. 1:

i'm banking on the hope that i see famous people while i live here in new york and taking the risk that this kind of thing may make me look extremely shallow and pathetic. if i don't run into the cast of "gossip girl" or "the city" really soon, this may the first and last post of its kind.

jimmy fallon.

a good place to start (i've decided to not count the disputed bernie madoff sighting... feels like i'd be starting things off on the wrong foot).

the encounter:
last night, amidst great company, matthew and i went to a test taping of jim's new show.  my fallon fanhood increased sevenfold, and i eagerly anticipate the show's debut in march.

jim and i touched hands. the magic was palpable.

encounter rating:
4/5 stars.


hilary said...

ah! jealous! and i'm sure you will have many more close encounters with famous people as well. no shame, no shame! you live in new york for crying out loud! i'm really kicking myself for not buying the cheap air fare i saw when i could! (especially since mom just told me last night that i should've bought it too...) ugh!

hilary said...

oh and you need to buy chocolate animal crackers. my friend just introduced me to them and i like them because:

1. they are actually a pretty healthy snack (low in calories, sugar and fat)
2. i can buy a humongous bag for like $2
3. they are yummy

k. said...

I still can't believe that you TOUCHED him. That hand is now holy. Oh - & I forgot to ask if he had sweaty palms or if they were velvety soft. I must know.

Jill said...

sounds like you guys had fun!

and not to make you jealous or anything, but i saw gossip girl's "dan and serena" at the airport on our way back from thanksgiving. they were on our same flight. sitting first class of course.

Julia said...

You are so funny. I can't believe you "touched him."

I have lived here 5+ years, and I haven't had many star sightings. Perhaps that is because I am never looking for them. I saw Sex int the City filming back when they were still a TV show, but I think everyone who lived here then saw them. Gossip Girl filmed at Columbia and I saw Nate and CHUCK BASS, but I wasn't into the show then, so I didn't care. I also sat at a table next to Ron Howard and Tom Hanks at a swanky mid-town restaurant, but I wouldn't have noticed them if the person I was with hadn't pointed them out.

shannon said...

um. j'adore jimmy fallon. mad congrats.

Team Bailey said...

Oh my heck, how exciting! Now I need to share with you one of my experiences... a few years ago with my family, shopping in Saltlake at the mall. My brother turns to me & says,"Elise, I think I just saw Alice Cooper, he's coming around the corner, look!" It was totally Alice Cooper, and we made Eye contact!It was like he was starring into my soul & saying "dont say a word lady, if you rat me out i'll set a curse on you!(this was in Mervyn's, & he was carrying a golf shirt)He was only 4 feet from me!Come to find out later, he played at a golf tourny that day at Thanksgiving point!

mandalynette said...


Abbie said...

so jealous right now!

please, heaven, let us be the burton's neighbors.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome! i love him, he's hilarious :P i envy you now :P

Abby said...

Hey if you see SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) tell her hi from me. That is who I would want to see.

noelle said...

oh, the thrill. i wanna trade cities... these hairy mexicans just aren't cutting it for me.

old me.