with valentine's day approaching, i thought this would be a fun and interesting quiz/waste of time. matt even did it.  we counted it as our friday night date... we are wild, right?

i'm a negotiator/explorer which means i'm intuitive, i need to have meaningful connections with people and love new experiences.

matt is an explorer/director which means he is highly independent, he doesn't tolerate boredom well and is very goal-oriented.

pretty accurate.

and if you dare, check out to see if you and your love muffin are compatible.

i think matt and i are gonna make it.

what are you?


Jill said...

i am an explorer/builder. just like angelina jolie and jfk, naturally.

kate said...

ooh, caleb and i caught a bit of the 20/20 on this, so we took the plunge. . .i'm a negotioater/explorer and caleb is an explorer/builder. the analysis on our relationship was pretty dead on. so now we're working through our issues. heh heh. fun! thanks for the link!

Skankstas said...

wow that was amazing! Usually all those quizzes say the same thing! Im a negotiator/builder.

Starley Family said...

Explorer/Negotiator. I guess I am more explorer than negotiator but after reading the end all synopsis I think I am more vice versa. Thanks that was fuN!

A and L said...

i loved it!
i am a explorer/negotiator. pretty dead on.

Ben and Camille said...

so that was a fun quiz. i'm explorer/negotiator.

now you're wondering who i am. let me tell you why we should be friends:) (and why i stalk your blog--besides the fact that it's freaking funny and you have the cutest family). #1 i went to school with hilary and i just love her #2 i'm a valley girl #3 my sister is best friends with savanna #4 matthew is a consultant for bain, my husband ben is a consultant for monitor #5 ben applied for bain and talked a lot with matthew at byu and via email, i even met your man! #6 you guys are globe trotters and you've been to south africa #7 we're globe trotters and we're now living in south africa!

ok that's all. you rock and you might just be seeing more comments from me.


camille (kendell) garrison

Sine family said...

YAY I finally found you blog. Caitlin told me about it but I finally found it from Jill's spinning wheel's blog. Congrats on the cookies. Thanks again for feeding my Hubbie while I'm gone. I'm adding you to my blogs so I can keep in touch.

old me.