how we rough it here in the hood.

so a few sister-friends and i kind of lost our way yesterday while trying to find the little red lighthouse.  never in all my livin' life did i ever expect to get lost in a forested area of manhattan.  in nyc there's probably only 274 square yards of woodland, but each of those 274 square yards is prime breeding ground for all manner of illicit activity.

while wandering through the enchanted forest, we ladies and our precious children passed a woman snorting a line, a tent city, and a group of juvies doing community service.  scary?  well, that's not exactly how i operate.  here's a glimpse into my warped sense of reality... i didn't start to panic until i saw mosquitos.  because of course it's extremely likely that these mosquitos are going to be carrying west nile virus.  and of course the little badgers viciously preyed upon every single person in our party. and of course my panic sort of reached its peak this morning when fox awoke with a couple of bites on his body.  please slap me and tell me to get a grip.  i'm sure the lady who was getting high has been living quite peacefully in the forest for some amount of time and has never once been stricken ill.  i should have asked her.

we eventually made it to the lighthouse.  here's the proof:

f and k. and then k took the rest...

fox and scarlett.  they have big plans for halloween... stay tuned.

a lunch of rocks, cigarette butts and suckers.  mother  of the year.

our metal was tested, our muscles were fatigued (especially kathryn, who practically shuttled fox and me on her back up and down about 400 subway stairs, and especially abbie who was rocking the double stroller), and the shocks on our strollers may be a little less absorbent than a day ago.  all in the name of getting out of the apartment.  as my driver's ed teacher once yelled at me over the PA system (after i made a dumb driving error but quickly corrected myself), "give that girl a burrito!"

(p.s., the incubation period for west nile virus is approximately two weeks or less.  just in case you were wondering.)


Carlee Hoopes said...

Oh man, I'm well aware. The crazies don't ever scare me either...just the insanely minuscule odds of contracting something rare. I've been keeping an eye on the little one for days, looking out for symptoms after a bite appeared on her foot last week. Hypochondriosisisis is the pits.

Good luck with your 2 week waiting period. Ugh.

Jenny said...

you have some serious adventures in that city...or woods surrounding it.
maybe stick with spotting celebs rather than venturing out of the well populated areas ;)

oh and good job on the toddler bed! you're much braver than i am.

Kassie said...

dang girl! those are the fun things that you laugh about later...nervously :)

Abbie said...

the forest hike - so my fault. sorry. i guess i needed some woodland time? i'll cover all hospital charges, or find someone who can treat you for free. that trip was memorable. and that lighthouse was little.

Lori said...

that's awesome, girl. that fox is sure growing up cute. :)

hilary said...

as i'm reading your post i suddenly realize that i've had a bite on my ankle for quite some time now. i started itching it again today and thought, "i got that bite like over a week ago, shouldn't it be gone by now???" now you've got me all worried, too. thanks.

cute pics and hilarious line at the end. who was the driver's ed teacher, prisk or rhodes?

Megan said...

Oh I really hope that they will be Pebbles and Bam Bam for Halloween :)

noelle said...

ohhhh, erin. it will be good to see you, friend. it will be so good to see you.

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

You go girl. p.s. Fox is becoming more & more handsome each time I look at your pictures.

old me.