so hot right now.

fox is really into mr. potato head

and watching the movie, "cars."

gunth is really into fox being really into mr. potato head and "cars."
sweet, sweet peace.

baby sister is really into kicking me, especially when i'm going to bed.

i'm really into this new camera thing, but i've got a lot to learn (like, why do my photos look grainy when i upload them to this page?? boo.). matt doesn't do big surprises very often, but he when he decides to do one, he nails it. xox. thanks for the help, k.
and i'm really into buttered toast.

and matt is really into his bike being fixed. did i not mention he was hit by a cab while riding his bike to school a few weeks ago? well, he was. the incident was very minor, and not a hair on mjb's head was maimed, praises be. if you don't believe me as to how minor it was, here's how he broke the news to moi:

(phone call)
matt: so i need you google how much road bike rims cost.
me: okay. why?
matt: cos i just got hit by a car.
me: oh... what?

i think matt just passed off one of the requirements to becoming an official new yorker.


Abbie said...

WHAT?? ya gotta be careful out there. you've got a wife and two kids to take care of, matt. yeesh.

we should play again. and i can drool over your camera. and eli and fox can watch cars. ka-chow. and eli can show fox his lightning underwear. oh dear.

k. said...

See, you're a natural already.

Your photos are grainy because the light in your apartment is unfortunately quite horrific. While that short little lens at 1.8 will help you out with that, it'll still be a little rough. No worries though. I think they're all pretty.

k. said...

PS, yikes about the Matt + Bike incident. That's my biggest fear about being on two wheels in this city.

Kelsey said...

I think you pictures look awesome...what a fun new toy! I had no idea about Matt! Did the cabby get out to help or apologize? I would be sending him the bill for new rims!

Jill said...

kudos to matt on the surprise. :) that is so great. i think your photos look fab even when grainy. i love the grainy ones i b&w.

i love those little kicks. i keep reminding myself of what you told me many moons ago... 'when your 39 weeks along, and you feel as big as a buick, i promise you will go back to normal.' its a very reassuring mantra at this point.

matt is hardcore. i hope he gave the cabby a good kick in the fender.

Scott & Lindsay said...

before i read your whole post i was thinking that the pics looked professional-ish. like maybe friend kathryn took 'em or somesing. but no. that is a good surprise. nice matt.

fox breaks my heart. i really miss him.
i miss gunth too. what a good dog.
glad matt's alive.

weird ... i've been into buttered toast for quite some time. have a piece every morning. right now with corn chex and bananas. that's the hit of the week.

miss you friend.

Vause Family said...

Glad Matt could take that hit like a man! Luckily Dan never got hit in Chi-town. By the way, I don't think I ever congratulated you and Matt on the bun in the oven, so congrats!

noelle said...

new camera! praises be! what kind? you are already a natural. love.

matt getting hit by a cab. terrible, of course, but what would that have been like to witness? the image in my head is hilarious. only because he wasn't seriously injured, though. glad he is safe and not something else entirely.

Savanna said...

i was waiting to ask about your camera until i knew that it'd been gifted... then i forgot when my hair turned black. but the pics look great. of course your subjects are pretty good ones, too. miss fox and gunth. tell them hi, por favor.

Brien said...

Gunth looks like he's in heaven!

hilary said...

what, you got a camera?! i'm very jealous. kudos matty! that's awesome, what kind is it? cute foxy is getting so big and looks different every time i see pictures of him or skype. makes me sad. so we should skype more. and yeah, mom told me that matty got hit by a cab. no bueno. glad he is ok! miss you, sister! XOXO

greta said...

i'm telling you matt riding his bike is CRAZY!! we all know pedestrians have ALL the rights in the city. (have you started calling it "the city" yet? conversation for another day) happy to hear that he is ok and kudos to him for the camera! sorry i'm of no help with the specs-

The Jackson Three said...

CJ is also into MPH - the favorite toy around here lately. And yikes for Matt! Glad he's ok...good luck with getting the rims fixed!

Sally said...

That's really crazy--I'm glad Matt's ok! And Fox is so cute :)

Jami said...

Ditto on the ka-chow. And, chances are that good 'ole Lightning will be around for the long haul. Glad Matt's ok. And I think your pictures look great. Sounds like you have a good lense, so just try experimenting a little. If you have photoshop I know of a woman with some great free tutorials.

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