good idea. bad idea.

good idea:

this is going to be the newest addition to matt's wardrobe.

i keep matt on a short leash, and i won't let him go to iran to ski, at least this year (ya, ya, i'm a horrible wife). so to make up for it, i started looking for a "ski iran" t-shirt. couldn't find one, but i stumbled across a "ski iraq" tee (this website has some great threads), which led me to find the saudi beaut. think he'll like it?

bad idea:

googling "bed bugs" while enjoying a bowl of curry and brown rice.
bad. very bad idea.


k. said...

Googling "bed bugs" is never, ever a good idea when you're a NYC resident.

Laura B from the LBC said...

Ya, stay away from google when you are eating. In fact, in your case, maybe its best to stay away from google altogether.....

Jami said...

awesome shirt! I don't even want to know what you found on bed bugs.

Anonymous said...

bed bugs? *ew :P promise me you'll *never tell us that one...okay? :P btw, love the shirt :P Greg has one that i will not walk by him if he wears it... and i'm totally serious :P it is Obama with the symbol of hammer and sickle of the USSR... i'm totally humiliated... even if i don't LOVE Obama, i'd like to burn that shirt!

hilary said...

i think he'll love the shirt. and yeah, i've googled bed bugs before, too. horrible idea. miss you sister!

old me.