fox and a swamp boat.



and more gators.



Savanna said...

a little wind in the face is refreshing! drat to having school so i couldn't check an airboat ride off my list. love the pics, and therefore the camera that produces such fine work.

Savanna said...

oh, and you're lucky your husband finished his hairdo in time to go out for the day. it all boils down to this: do you want him to have good hair or spend time with you? choose one.

k. said...

I like this combo of you + a camera. It works out well.

(And are we talking alligators or crocodiles here? I don't really love either.)

noelle said...

i do not love gators. or crocodiles. it might be peter pan related. you were brave to take fox out there! speaking of fox... oh, fox. the wind in his face pics are perfection.

Chelsi Lasater said...


Laura B from the LBC said...

Those facial expressions are killing me...so hilar!

old me.