pedicures and vacuuming.

i tried to sneakily snap some shots off (thank you, photo booth) this morning of fox working his pedi magic. i don't remember little f ever being around when i've done foot maintenance (for obvious logistical reasons), but we do live directly above a nail salon... hmm. for all of you shaking your heads in disgust, he is doing this of his own volition. and back off ladies, he's mine till he's 52.

you people who post on your blogs daily -- how do you do it? i just don't have enough blog fodder; i guess that's what happens when you only leave the apartment for milk and diapers. i'm only three or four days into this posting-once-per-day thing and i'm scraping bottom. well, okay, here's something. as i was blow drying my hair in the bathroom this morning, i noticed a big dust bunny on the floor, taunting me. bending over with a paper towel just felt like way too much effort, so with one, somewhat apathetic flick of the wrist, i redirected the dryer from my head to the lint wad, producing the desired effect of making the wad disappear to some deep dark corner of the bathroom. i'm trying really hard to not entertain thoughts of using this technique for the rest of the apartment.


j. said...

i'm really enjoying your recent decision to start blogging s'more. and i totally hear ya on the blowdryer cleaning technique. word.

Discovery Preschool said...

for what it is worth.. i've enjoyed all of your daily blogging posts! especially the pic's of fox and gunther.. so sweet!

noelle said...

you're on fire. can't stop now. just post pics of fox sans words if you're feeling... well, wordless.

old me.