date night.

this is back when we used to go "out." have mercy -- is that lipstick?

tonight we got all dressed up --

matt = scout uniform
erin = matt's t-shirt and yoga pants

-- and we baked apple pies,
watched the flight of the conchords,
and played dr. mario on my antique SNES.

sidenote: there are very few things i am completely certain about in this life, and whether or not i should be proud of this little known fact is a topic for another day, but dr. mario is my game. at one point in my childhood, my cockiness reached new and interesting levels when my friend patricia, my only worthy opponent, and i started competing at level 20, high speed, while hanging upside down. i haven't tried that stunt in a while, but if challenged i'll make you a valiant promise to send you skulking homeward with your tail between your legs.

and it looks like my date has crashed on the couch. and i've been blogging. and that's why i no longer own lipstick.


Abbie said...

trolley ride in big d?

i hear ya, i've been wrapping presents for the last 4 hours while forrest watches the mavs online. parenthood is great. really.

so impressed with your skills.

erin said...

trolley ride in big d, indeed, mrs. white. very observant. an uncle bain sponsored event, of course. were you there?

Ashlee said...

You kicked my trash in BIG D. You are my hero at that game. I need to practice.

Sally said...

I'm so impressed that you really are blogging daily-! and I love flight of the c's..

Kassie said...

i used to have a snes but our dog chewed the cord so i got rid of it when we moved here. i loved dr m but wasn't the queen like you. i was the queen of the mario brothers game that came with the snes though :)

noelle said...

i am loving this pic of you two, all gussied up. as for dr. mario, i believe it with every fiber of my being. don't mess.

Alyson said...

awww. you two look so cute! glad you were able to get out and have a date night. sadly, ours often end up the same way - one of us passed out and me on the computer! hey, i just caught up on your daily posts - excellent work with the photography, friend! stellar shots of the bayou as well. as they say down here, "good on ya, mate!"

j. said...

i pretty sure that when it comes to knowing things with complete certainty in this life, i know fewer than you, but i do know this-any guy that takes you on a date while you're donned in an old shirt and yoga pants--total keeper.

Lori said...

tee hee. so much about this makes me laugh. i sure like you e.b.

Ben and Camille said...

dr mario!? are you kidding me!! we should get together. my friends and i get together every christmas and have a "dr mario" (old school mind you) tournament and every year i win. i have yet to find someone that is a good match and worth my time. i think i might have met mine!! :)

love all your new posts and pictures!

old me.