to montreal and back.

october was delightful. my sweet son still had long blonde hair (sniff, sad), matt still had semi-short and manageable hair (sniff, sad), and we had two weekend getaways -- new canaan with the whitings, and a matthew-erin-fox roadtrip through quebec, new york, vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts, and connecticut. during the fall, new england and surrounding areas are not to be missed.


fox wasted no time at settling in

high class

vermont & new hampshire:

fox's favorite part of the trip: cheese popcorn from the cabot store

erin's favorite part of the trip: FUDGE

children's bookstore in manchester village, vermont

loves ernie, not puppets

tips for comfortable bike riding late in your second trimester: avoid altogether (but biking through small town vermont on a saturday morning? too fun to pass up)

our hotel in manchester, the equinox


norman rockwell museum


k. said...

Erin Skeen Burton. AMAZING photos. Seriously. So good. I think I'm starting to get jealous. I was going to say that one was my favorite, but then I found another one, & then another one. Love them. Nicely done, friend.

I miss Fox's hair, too. It will grow. Maybe hide the clippers in your apartment for a while?

Chelsea said...

What fun trips! I love the pictures. Fall is my favorite season. I wish we had more of a fall here!

Savanna said...

erin, you've got talent. love the pics -- and of course the subjects. wish you were coming to utah soon.

Jill said...

please take us with you next time. what a fun trip!

Jenny said...

I love all those photos! Looks like new england in fall is another must-do trip to add to my list

Lori said...

what GREAT pics of your cute family. love them.

Sally said...

Nice work with your camera! Y'all are so adventurous! I love the pic of Fox jumping into the pool--a thousand words about how fun and trusting kids are. Makes me excited for Caleb to keep growing :)

old me.