spreading christmas cheer.

just a few last minute things today:

- mail gifts
- send a few cards
- stop at trader joe's for holiday "necessities" (i have a non-sexual crush on TJ and his peppermint joe joe's)
- wrap some packages
- make dinner for the missionaries (i'm thinking something unhealthy and comforting, like corn chowder and biscuits)
- bake holiday goodies

after a rowdy wrestling sesh with matt on momma and daddy's bed this morning, fox spread his christmas cheer by ralphing up his half-digested breakfast of cheerios, a christmas cookie and a hershey's kiss all over my pillow.

- make a quick stop at bed, bath & beyond


hilary said...

that's why you said, "no fox, the chocolate made your tummy hurt."

sheesh, i can't keep up with the every day post thing. so i didn't know you went on a road trip up to quebec and new england just you and your little family. love the pics! hope your rib doesn't get any worse and that baby sister comes soon. miss you!

Jill said...

you are an animal with this daily posting thing. i'm rather enjoying the updates.

as for your list of things to do today? really? i like to keep my lists to no more than 1 task per day. it really makes my life a lot easier.

Alyson said...

i'm loving this post-every-day thing you got going on here! i'm anticipating the wonderful smells wafting about your lovely apartment - yum! so holiday-ish. too bad about fox's little belly. hope he feels better. yay for new pillows!

jon and i have been watching a few episodes of arrested development. they always make us think of you and the fun we had in NY. we miss our friends!

k. said...

This was a wonderful little post (especially the biscuit + chowder bit - yum!) until I got to puking part. Gross. Poor thing

audrey said...

i looove hearing from you, erin. as if your voice has risen from the dead. you have us all laughing all the time, even when you think you have nothing to say... witty you, keep posting.

and, am i the only one who had to reread that one sentence to make sure i wasn't reading about you and MATT gettin' all rowdy on your bed?? haha. i was like, oh yeahh?? running outta things to blog about? haha. {this one: "after a rowdy wrestling sesh with matt on momma and daddy's bed this morning..."} and i don't even have a dirty mind : )

Savanna said...

i also have an obvious crush on TJ's joe-joes... obvious in my love handles after every christmas season spent on the couch, snuggling with the candystriped box. unfortunately brig stepped off the plane empty handed this time.

old me.