lend an ear.

i've been updating the epod lately, and i'm slightly smitten with these two diddies. excuse the homemade clips and the poor audio quality, but youtube wasn't much help today, and you'll be able to get the general idea. i obviously went with an early 80s erin and jaclyn theme today.

the mummers - place for us
the tune kind of goes 'big top pee wee' on you around 2:04, but overall it's just the kind of twee-ish sound i like.
kings of convenience - mrs. cold
i love these nerds and their pretty melodies. this is just cute. and they sometimes remind me of the conchords, no?


kate said...

you are like the great guru of really cool music. and those matching outfits! i feel like whipping out my viking and sewing into the night. priceless.

j. said...

true or false: the picture for 'a place for us' is taken in front of bardee's house. if not, it is eerily similiar. (is that too many i's in similar/similiar). irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

haha :P I actually like them! Then again, you've always had good taste in my opinion e :) xoxo

Alyson said...

love your music stylings! and it's only normal to be feeling sisterly as you prepare to bring little sister into this world. always a good reminder of the importance of women in our lives. loves.

Abbie said...

basically i just listen to what you tell me to, so keep 'em comin. and i know you'll have so much time to post about music now that you have a newborn and a toddler. yayayay!! you have two babies!

Brittney Daniel Liechty said...

I'm OBSESSED with Kings of Convenience! They are very good in my tiny opinion. They take me to a happy, pretty place. I think of it as a beach.

old me.