the great online shopping fail of 2010.

see these flashy little hotpants (hotpants as a noun, not adjective/noun combination)?


i was hoping they'd turn out more like these (you know, to compliment fox's chiseled physique):

but instead, fox is now the proud owner of these awesomely tubular biker shorts. i believe the manufacturer of this garment actually broke into my parents' basement, dug through the clothes-you-keep-for-halloween-costumes box, slapped a price tag on these babies and resold them to me because, so help me, i owned the exact same pair of uglies back in 1989.


okay buddy, mom's done humiliating you for the good of the blog. you can take off the preteen girl shorts now.


Savanna said...

thank heaven they aren't the french cruellers... brigham would never forget it. fox is looking so grown up! can't wait to see you all in a few weeks.

Lori said...

he's sure cute though!

Jill said...

those are so sweet. you could always just cut them off to get the desired look. i know fox is dying to show off his chiseled quads.

k. said...

Love them.

Anonymous said...

haha :) poor kid..... i'm glad you let him take those suckers off! good thing he's adorable anyways :)

j. said...

the second young fox starts sporting punky brewster tube socks and a mini braid with beads at the bottom, i'm calling child services.

greta said...

use'em as swim trunks you'll never lose him at the pool!

Aaron said...

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old me.