i kind of don't feel like blogging.

i try to be pretty self aware and politically correct on this blog, but today i'm stressed and snarky and sort of don't care.

hey harvard and stanford,

you can't play this at your graduation ceremony:

so there.

yeah, i've blogged about this song before, and you're thinking "okay erin, you lived in new york for a second, get over it." but like i said, i'm emotional right now, and that tune means something to me. 88th and york, little second floor walk-up, fox in the stroller, baby indie in the baby bjorn, walking across central park and back just for cookies, yelling at cab drivers, ignoring unsolicited advice from strangers regarding my parenting skills, and best friends i will love forever... is it really over? did it actually happen?

so hearing jay-z rapping across columbia's hallowed campus immediately following matt's graduation ceremony made me justifiably weepy. thank goodness the tears quickly turned to laughs when i spotted my husband on the jumbotron waving one dollar bills while singing along. i'm surprised he even had that much cash. we's broke.

congratulations, mjb. you can make it anywhere.





mazel tov!


k. said...

Favorite photo: Fox wearing Matt's cap. That's just cute.

Love you, EB. There's a big gaping hole in my day EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. & its just not a fun adjustment. Expect me to continue to stalk you via phone.


(Give Fox & Indie pats for me & let's Skype soon.)

PS - A year & a half is over the 1 year mark of legitimacy to becoming a New Yorker. Give yourself some credit. You LIVED here.

Jill said...

ohh, dont be sad. in fact, im slightly jealous of your current sitch right now. nyc is rubbing me the wrong way these days. ut here i come!

miss you though. and i wish i could've seen matt on that jumbo representin'.

brenley said...

hey, what do you have against harvard and stanford? not that i'm biased to the latter one or anything :)

that is awesome they played that song during commencement...our commencement wasn't nearly that entertaining.

congrats to matthew! we're getting excited for dallas. see you guys soon :)

Vause Family said...

It doesn't feel right when two years of your life is all of a sudden a dream. Congrats to the whole fam!

Chelsi Lasater said...

tear! shalom.

mb said...

I love the word snarky.

miss you guys.

greta said...

I know the feeling!! 4yrs in the city came and went a little faster than we would have liked. I felt like I belonged. I know you understand that feeling that is not easily written. You will always love it yet if you return it will never be the same... It changes, or maybe we do.

FRYER FAM said...

way to go Burtons. time goes too fast. so is it back to Texas? or some other new adventure? what a cute family you have. i hope we will run into each other one of these days. love your hair.

dani said...

indy and joley have the same green shoesies. i think these little dames will love each other... do come visit.

noelle said...

mb took the words right out of my mouth. snarky is a perfect description. not unlike crusty. neither of which can be said with a smile on your face.

i'm sorry it's over! also, how much do i love fox's baby man suit?!? in. love. miss you, e. august... sweaty and sick. can't wait.

Sally said...

Congrats on graduation! That's big. And y'all look great--are you really coming back to Texas? congrats and condolences from us ;) Come see us in SA sometime!

k. said...

Come back, please. To the blogsphere, & to NYC.

old me.