this is to matt:

young hearts aflame on the zambezi.

on our wedding day i wish i would have written down where i saw myself in five years. i would love to read my naive, rainbows-kittens-and-lollipops answer. i thought about this on the night of our fifth anniversary as i was attempting to restrain and comfort our ballistic two year old on an emergency room bed in order for the nurse to give him a breathing treatment. it was not unlike trying to floss the teeth of a rabid dog.

(fox is home and happy and healthier now. prayers are answered, we are humbled.)

but phenomenal juxtaposition here. you just can't make that stuff up. and it's somewhat metaphorical of how our life has been like over the past five years, don't you think? mildly unpredictable?

a short list of things i did not see coming:

.threatening to throw a bucket of ice on some randy europeans in thailand
.crawling through poisonous mineral mines in bolivia
.wearing my clothes inside-out to avoid arrest in zimbabwe
.sharing a seat with a duck on the bus in china
(and you wonder why i have anxiety)
.never ending stacks of dirty dishes in our new york city sink
.walking past the first avenue bar scene at 11pm with my wet laundry hanging over my stroller
.teaching fox to spell his name
.making indiana smile


dear 4.23.2005 erin, five years from this day you will be in a dirty new york city emergency room in the middle of the night trying to soothe your poor, screaming, sick toddler. but don't let that scare you -- your life is wonderful.



hilary said...

been thinking about you and glad to hear that foxy is feeling better. so sorry you had to go through all of that. i can't even imagine! nothing screams happy anniversary like taking care of your sick toddler, right!? hope you and matt were or are able to celebrate it in a less nightmare-ish way. love you!

Lori said...

Funny where life leads us, eh? Happy anniversary my dear. Been a pleasure being e-long for the ride :)

Melanie said...

I'm impressed that:

1. You are teaching Fox to SPELL his name. We are still trying to teach Scarlett to SAY her name (she thinks it's Scatt).

2. How calm you seem at the hospital.

3. How brave you are to climb through a poisonous mine.

Happy Anniversary!

k. said...

I'm glad you guys got married. And your life is full of all sorts of stuff that most people only dream of.


noelle said...

oh sweet love, i've shed a tear. the world became a better place when mattie b and you became mr & mrs. and thanks for populating the earth with incredibly adorable babes. don't stop now... love you both.

Jill said...

young love. its a beautiful thing.
and love the list. i have to admit im a little jealous...even of the bus ride. maybe one day i will leave the country.

mb said...

well you certainly can't say you haven't had adventures!! happy 5th :)

Scott & Lindsay said...

t were you writing that to matt or me? cuz i got a touch emotional. happy 5 years erin and matt. you're an inspiration to us all.

Jenny said...

happy anniversary...I think you've had more adventures in 5 yrs than most have in a lifetime! you've got two darling babes to show for it too :)

Jill said...

happy 5th burtons! i'm so glad fox is doing much better. now you have more than 1 reason to celebrate.

greta said...

Why you don't say! We did the exact same thing with Tanner! He was two and I ended up the in ER for a breathing treatment! I would even dare say at the same hospital--- What's up with that city air?---

dani said...

dear erinspice,

i admire your braveness in the hospital, i would have been in the hall crying my peepers out. poor fox.

life turns out how you never would expect.

i am thankful for blogs. expecially yours. peace out.

audrey said...

there are too many things i love about this post.
one being your ability to make us laugh and swoon and gulp at the same time.
and another being your talent for sending us blogreaders off, committed to being a better self.
i just adore you, erin. seriously. there's nobody like you with your wit and perspective and talent and spontaneity and groundedness {new word : ) }.

happy CINCO to you and mr. b, whom i also adore!!

old me.