chin zits, chin zits, go away.

our little family of four has a photo scheduled for thursday, so it's only fitting that this morning i would have a ripe crop of pimples on my chin and that yesterday indie would get a shiner from smacking her sweet face on fox's bed frame. today i fully expect fox to grind his face into the gravel road. matt, you're our only hope.

i went to texas last week to find ourselves a proper dwelling; and now, next month we will have a place to land in the big d--yahtzee! and with a floorplan locked down, my snarling, fire-breathing nesting monster, who has been bound by her cage of financial and spacial limitations, who has been gaining strength with every bookmarked home decor website and who has been drooling over your cozy abode blogposts for the past two years is now free and openly terrorizing my poor (literally) husband. ah, the sweet, sweet smell of packing peanuts and new home furnishings.

one more comment on my texas trip: my rental car company "upgraded" me (due to overbooking) from my manageable compact car to this beast:

insert your "everything's bigger in texas" joke here. it was a nightmare. i was afraid to change lanes since i was never 100% sure i wasn't going to crush some unsuspecting ford focus in my blind spot. remind me to never, ever buy any vehicle that would be better suited on a construction site rather than a freeway.

fox has really been into the iroach app. if you saw our last apartment, you know why. since living in the city and watching his mother scream and jump on tables to avoid hand to hand combat with our unwanted houseguests, he's sort of obsessed (terrified?) with bugs and frequently categorizes them as either nice or mean (lady bugs nice, potato bugs nice, cockroaches mean!). i am convinced that letting him squash electronic creepies is cathartic for him.






"again! please!"

and, just a few unedited, unorganized pictures from labor day. for the first time ever, we were all under one roof (a beautiful, brand-new cabin roof). it was great fun, and i am sure this is the start of many fun-filled cabin&cousin memories for fox and indie. thanks, jeff and linda.


noelle said...

the truck. i can't stop laughing.

so... did you buy? are you renting? is this permanent??? or at least for the next few years? this is my main question because i physically need you to still be there in texas come july 2011. me entiendes?!? well, friend, you deserve many wonderful and sparkly things. i am thrilled for you. party at the burtons.

Brien said...

Dallas again? Is this a good thing?

Lori said...

yipeee!!! hope you found a stellar e-worthy place.

k. said...

Send me a floorplan & I'll obsess with you. And shopping! You know how I feel about that. Let me help, let me help! I'm excited for you to nest, even if I wish your nest was more eastward.

Love your photos.

Fox is so big.

Your family totem pole looks perfect, of course.

You owe me a phone call.

The end.

Jill said...

i'm in love with indie's profile. can't wait to see your new place!

hilary said...

i can't wait to live somewhat close to each other. i'm planning on taking full advantage of that. halloween will be so much fun!

i had no idea there was an iroach app. hilarious! and even more hilarious that fox is obsessed with it.

that cabin looks righteous! loved all the pictures. and all those kiddos are getting big!

and happy for you to be able to decorate your new abode soon. can't wait to see what you do. i would love to be a shopping buddy in all of that. hgtv is pretty much my new obsession lately. :)

Savanna said...

love the photogs. eden?! teehee. luckily with 10 younglings in the house she wasn't the only plumber around.

Net said...

hooray! welcome back!

Unknown said...

Albert and I might move to Dallas someday. We put it as one of our prefered locations on his Air Traffic Control location request form. Hopefully sometime next year we'll be joining you in the Big D. The FAA likes to take it's time with these sorts of things.

Shelby said...

I thought Fox was Nicholas in one of these pictures. Hes getting too big! And Indies pulling herself up?! Thats it I'm coming home to visit tomorrow.

old me.