here i sit.

matt has confessed to me that there have only been two times during our almost six year marriage in which he has questioned his decision to marry me, and both of those times were when mice or evidence of mice were found in my living space. the first time was when we were backpacking through south africa... after a full day of driving, we checked into a remote bungalow very late at night. and i found a mouse turd in my bed. oh hail no. i demanded to leave, but there was absolutely nothing around for miles, and everything was shut down for the night. so then i demanded to sleep in the rental car, but matt wouldn't let me because, of course, the place was lousy with hippos, and south african hippos kill humans for sport, and as unbelievable as it sounds, the threat of a hippo attack was probably a tad more realistic than coming down with hanta virus from a fresh piece of mouse poop. whatever.

and then there was last year's reign of terror on our 800 square foot nyc cracker box. that aged me exponentially. i need--need--eye cream now. something within me went absolutely retarded when i saw a mouse run out from underneath my baby boy's bed. and in that second i had a very emotional break up with the city of new york, told it i was leaving and ordered moving boxes the next morning. and in that same second matt wanted to throw me in the back of a paddy wagon.

and so now here i am in texas, sitting quietly on my couch, and i just heard something in my kitchen... my relatively clean, second story kitchen. so i'm trying to keep my mind off things... blogging to keep from throwing my sleeping kids in the back of the car and checking into the a-loft down the street, which probably has bedbugs.

and i just realized that jay leno is on my television. how embarrassing. now you know i'm distracted.

and because lately my blogposts have been ending in totally unrelated iphone photos/commentary, let's wrap this up:

fox, wearing a $2,000 necklace.

miss indie, looking quite grown up.


everything's bigger in texas.

getting some germs.

and the UPS man delivered twelve of these little bottles of happiness to my apartment today. amazon.com=best invention ever.


Kelsey said...

Hands down- dealing with rodents has been the biggest strain on our marriage. I've also looked for hotel rooms in NYC at 11:30 PM after discovering droppings and threatened to move countless times. I'm telling you that one of these days, it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and I'll be outta' here. Luckily we've been mouse free since July 24th at approximately 10:24 AM. (and that time they were found under our bed shacking up in the 72 hour kit...awesome) Occasionally I still have night terrors about them and I'm considering hypnosis or therapy. I genuinely feel for you. My fingers are crossed that it was just rustling dishes that are stacked on top of each other in the kitchen cabinet. Good luck.

i'm h.mac said...

you are so word savy. loved the post.

k. said...

When you move back, just be my neighbor. Because mice have never, ever (in 6 years!) paid the Whitings a visit. I'm like a giant good luck charm! See. Tell Matt. This is perfect.

I have lots to say about your photos.

The Mash drinks! This makes me so happy for you. Tell me what you think of every other flavor.

And Indie! Oh Erin. She's just so pretty. I bet she'll be a terror when she's a teenager (or perfectly sweet + wonderful like her mama was).

And I'm going on a liquid diet right this very second to get ready for my little trip to Dallas. You look about 103 pounds. People might think that we look like sisters, but they'll definitely feel sorry for the chubby one.

Jill said...

it wasn't a mouse. it wasn't a mouse. just keep repeating that to yourself.

i loved every single picture. indie's boots? and that coat at the playground? perfection.

fox of course is such a handsome little man.

those drinks? do you actually drink them? or do they just look pretty in your kitchen? i might need to purchase them.

Mommydew said...

I hate mice. They physically make me ill. I understand your feelings completely and would agree that you are justified in moving immediately if you found a mouse. All that being said, it's Texas..you know it's not a mouse it's a giant roach. Good luck with that. :)

mb said...

Mice are evil things and they should have never been included in the creation. Not that I am saying that they don't do any good but that is actually what I am saying.

And seriously, it was the wind. That's all.

And Mash's Citrus Zing is so divine.

are you eating bluebell ice cream for me? with their big chunks of cookie dough....HAVEMERCY that stuff is good.

Scott & Lindsay said...

favorite line: "something within me went absolutely retarded ..."
oh i love you friend. and your kids ... wow. there are no words.

Jill said...

You have such a way with words. And Indie's little pigtails? I'm such a fan.

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

A late Happy Birthday Erin! Miss you and yours.

old me.