i inadvertently made my son pee into the wind yesterday.

(happier times at the costco food court)

sorry, buddy.

we're filing this one in the "unfortunate things that happen because dad's on the road a lot and my mom didn't have any brothers" folder.

poor son of a management conslutant. that wasn't a misspell.


Abbie said...

eli and i will come over and he'll show you his peeing on trees technique.

have i told you i'm having major MAJOR uncle b flashbacks? minus the fun perks (i need a free meal!).

oh, this life, erin burton, what are we doing?

Lori said...

i wouldn't know what to do with a boy. you're about 10 thousand steps ahead of me.

Jill said...

I'm taking notes. Neverwouldaknown.

p.s. I had to read your misspell 5 times before I caught it, smrt.

brenley said...

hahahaha. that made me smile BIG!

old me.