all's well.

checking in on the kids at night:

my sweet pea in the pod, sleeping on her face. normal.

fox in (subtext: hogging) my bed. normal.

gunther, using my kid sister's bed while she's away at college, has more square inch of mattress per body weight than all of the rest of us put together. sadly, normal. this picture is dripping with entitlement. look at him giving me the stink-eye.

"respect, woman. hit the lights. get your own bed."


dani said...

i miss you erinspice.

noelle said...

What? They just stay asleep like that when you turn on the lights? Geez. My kids got bruce's high maintenance sleep genes. He requires a sleep mask and ear plugs. Weak sauce. Your babies are cute. I wanna hop in that little port-a-crib with indie and snuggle.

Jill said...

gunther is so high maintenance.

and your kids are precious.

hilary said...

haaa! love this post. oh gunther...

old me.