"please bless that we can grow more slowly..." (unprovoked line from a fox prayer).

i'm not usually one to get stressed out about blogging or not blogging, mostly because i don't have any rhyme or reason to the things i post.  i just blog when it hits me.  like i should mention that my son had some gastrointestinal virus last week, and while he was chewing on skittles, he vomited, but the skittles somehow weathered the heaving, and when it was all over he was still chewing on skittles.  this is the kind of stuff i blog about when i should be posting cute halloween pictures.  i have a sickness.

i digress.  i am ever so slightly stressed about my complete lack of blogging recently.  i feel like i should have documented at least some of the many things we did over the last two months, and maybe i still will.  but for now this photo snapped off at the bain boo bash will have to do (thank you to whomever took this photo and got my children to genuinely smile for 2 seconds) (and just so you're not scratching your head, no, the title of this post has nothing to do with its contents).


the grinch and cindy lou who.  

i have enough remnant olive green faux fur to make a stylish bath mat or vest.  please invite me to your white elephant parties.


audrey said...

eb. you are my favorite.
you are one person who i wish really really really did post every single day. and then some.
that or live down the street from me.
{or across the hall.}

p.s. didn't we once go to a bull-riding restaurant together? see, i've felt a bond ever since ; )

p.p.s. have more babies. way. too. edible.

k. said...

Mike just looked at this photo & said, "did she make that? And THAT? Did she have a pattern?" Thanks, E. He's going to start expecting things now.

Fox is a true champ for hanging on to those skittles. Smart boy.

Holly said...

Awesome costumes. Like, seriously awesome. (It doesn't hurt that your kiddos are ADORABLE).

At least Fox will have a strange talent to use when he's older and playing one of those "get to know you" games. Juggling? Bah! I can keep skittles in my mouth WHILE throwing up!

Ben and Camille said...

amazing costumes. i second the above. your blog is always funny and i wish there were more posts:) ha

i'm h.mac said...


Mateo said...

Thanks for posting, hon. I do enjoy reading your online wit and vigorous prose while I'm away. By the way, there is nothing in this world that beats the post-vomit feeling. The build up is terrible, but the immediate after effect is true heaven.

Jill said...

Those costumes are top notch. You kind of make me sick with your sewing skills. What kind of person takes 57 hours to hand craft their kid's halloween costumes? Erin Burton, that's who.

ps. indie is your twin in this picture.

noelle said...

audrey always says what i'm thinking. and so did that holly girl. she stole my comment about fox's interesting tidbit for GTKY games. that's almost as gross as my race day poop play-by-plays. so maybe you don't remember this, but i distinctly remember sharing around our kitchen table in mexico about how the boys discovered that the odor sensory thingamajiggy on the air filter kicked into gear whenever someone passed a little gas right next to it. you craaaacked up. and i thought, "i like this girl." glad we're friends, e.

Jill said...

Indie is the PERFECT Cindy Lou Who, I would love to see more pictures. Those costumes are AMAZING Erin. I attempted to sew for my first time this Halloween(well, since the 7th grade pillowcase) and it was not a pretty sight. Your kids look awesome.

Skittle throw-up. So gross.

I have been horrible with blogging at all lately. There are not enough hours in the day right?

Talia Jensen said...

i love this! so glad to finally meet. i'll be seeing you round these parts :)

old me.