have you seen that "photo a day" thing floating around on instagram? each day in january is assigned a "photo" topic; today's topic was breakfast, and as i scrolled through my friends' instagram pics of their deliciously healthy, adult breakfast choices, i realized that i still eat like a six year old. but this "photo a day" project? i sort of love lists like these and regurgitated email forwards that tell you to answer 94 questions about yourself. however,

1. there's some sort of moisture (ugly word) on the inside of my phone's lens, so her pictures aren't up to snuff.
2. and i'm up to my nostrils in intimidating video editing software that i need to learn to use.

1+2 = i'm participating in "photo a day" via "video a day." but since it has taken me approximately 21 frustrating hours to edit 45 seconds of video, crappy ePhone pictures are sounding pretty darn spectacular right now. no promises, self.

just wondering, is anybody else out there terrified of 2012? captain obvious here: i am a bit more jittery than your average joe bag of donuts. but this mayan calendar, end of days garbage? i may or may not be kidding when i say that tomorrow i'm going to costco and buying the biggest bag of rice i can find. but then i know for sure that el diablo is laughing all the way to the bank with my soul in his coin purse because when i worry about such things i'm basically flushing my faith down the toilet. so, again, my theme for 2012: faith, not fear.

 and since there are no good segways from apocalyptic predictions into silly videos about toast... :



k. said...

But see, you make silly videos about toast that are AMAZING. This is why we are friends: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I am linking friendship arms with you forever & ever, EB.

Grapefruit juice! That sounds yummy. And your fridge has the best collection of varied beverages I've ever seen. The very best hostess. Can we come back tomorrow?

andy said...

oh please PLEASE do a video a day. how AWESOME would that be. and such fun documentation of so much of your life for later. love it. DO IT.

andy said...

p.s. that last comment was audrey, by the way. forgot to sign out of andy.

noelle said...

aud is a sucker for everyday detailed documentation. she's the type that's into genealogy, connecting with roots, family trees, endless memoirs, etc. not that i don't love it, too, but she even sent out an email with their family picture to some extended family of filipino relatives on our grandmother's side living in dallas or someplace. i'm like, "just because they're family doesn't mean they are not serial killers." i guess i need to adopt that "faith without fear" mantra as well.

video a day, video a day, video a day! i love it! can you hear me chanting 250+ miles away (how far away are you again?)

Net said...

and that's why you're skinny.

Anonymous said...

my favorite part was fox coming to sit with you. can't even have breakfast alone :P isn't it true? haha hope you are well my friend! :) P.S. i LOVED your christmas card!!!

Sheena said...

Erin you are too talented.. and you make a girl giggle! Hope your Christmas was delightful. Miss ya

Jill said...

i vote for a video a day too.

and don't you just wish those damn bakers would make their loves of bread a tiny bit smaller? i hate that i can never finish a full piece of toast :)

Lori said...

man. one day i'll be as creative as you. scratch that, one day i'll live vicariously through my daughter who is as creative as you.

and kudos for such a decent breakfast. i'm so starved when i wake up that i eat the majority of my calories on breakfast alone. :)

Camie Scott said...

I LOVE your videos! You're so talented!!

old me.